Alternative Service to Royal Mail?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Horridlittleman, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. After having to put up with a completely diabolical service from this bunch of striking eejits I was wondering if there is a viable alternative to use? I'm quite happy to use a courier or other carrie service for parcels but don't know of any to be used purely for letters.

    Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you speak to Captain Edmond blackadder he has a nice little carrier pigeon called Speckled Jim who does a wonderful job of getting mail delivered.

    Sorry just found out Jims gone to lunch :twisted:
  3. Wait till Christmas and get a spotty boy scout to deliver your post (locally only) for a quid?

    Personally I get them to deliver stuff to my house, offer them a sweetie and then....
  4. Ha ha you wags! However I wouldn't pay a quid for a boy scout as well as a sweetie, for a quid I'd expect an all inclusive service - fnar fnar. As for pigeons well Darling I didn't just eat that delicious plump breasted pigeon!

    But, seriously is there another company that delivers letters? Or do Royal Mail have everyone over a barrel with their childish industrial action?
  5. Short of courieing (Sp?) every letter, i don't know.

    Niche market though, if you've got the start-up capital.
  6. Pretty sure that for public use your only option is Royal Mail. There are other companies out there, UK Mail springs to mind, but think they only do business stuff.
  8. Hardly, craftsmanx, the Royal Mails issues have caused numerous delays, and will continue to do so, at a time when I can't afford to be slack with my mail! Just because you do not rely on the mail service being reliable and prompt currently, does not mean that no-one else does.

    Also, this industrial action is most certainly about saving jobs, but quite frankly, the Royal Mail is far to out of date at present to compete, hence the attempts to modernise i.e. bring in new equipment, just so the company can survive! If some employees need to be laid off due to modernisation, then I am truly sorry for them, but they will have a nice sum to settle with, and have you considered the alternative? If the service does not modernise to compete, it could go bust completely - and then everyone currently employed loses their jobs.

    And I'm afraid, for personal use, there really isn't a viable alternative to Royal Mail.
  9. My bold. One day! Get your head out of your arrse - Letters posted 2 weeks ago, 1st class recorded still not delivered, parcels sent at the same time still not received. Its nice to see that Royal Mail could make a special effort so that all of the Harry Potter books would get delivered on time - its a book FFS! My wife works from home and this does have a knock on effect - post not delivered means she doesn't meet her targets and she doesn't get paid - I then have to support her through my pay. If Royal Mail needs to modernise and jobs need to go then I'm sorry but that's tough. It isn't like the Army can go on strike when we feel like it because jobs have to go. I wouldn't be concerned if there was an alternative but there certainly doesn't appear to be and I don't like being shafted. If I could take my business elsewhere I would, in fact if there was a viable competitor for a postal service then all of Royal Mail in its current configuration would probably be out of a job!
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Their problem is that the Royal Mail is, by Law, obliged to deliver to everyone. In the City, this is viable, but in the Countryside, it is not.

    I know one Postman whose round, in rural West Sussex, is just over 200 homes/businesses. There is no way on God's Earth that this could ever be economically viable, unless prices quadrupled - but everyone expects their post to be delivered, and for the same price, don't they?

    Incidentally, he says that if we introduced compulsory Mail Boxes, as the Yanks do, that it would enable him to cover nearly twice as many places, given that so many have drives, gardens, farm tracks, etc.
  11. I wouldn't mind spending some more on stamps (they've hiked the prices in recent years anyway) if it guaranteed a good service.

    Sadly, this is still not the case. Hence modernisation plans.
  12. Just got a new postman. Most of the mail I get now is addressed to other people. Anything with my house number on it comes to me. Postie doesn't seem to bother reading the street name.

    More to the point, my mail seems to be going anywhere and everywhere too. Got a letter in from the water company saying that they're taking me to court for non-payment of a bill that never arrived.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    No I do not think that is correct. Even OGC buying solutions (public sector procurement) use DHL.