"Alternative Premier 04/05

"Alternative Premier 04/05

Long live da Championship!! But as for the Premiership my season's predictions are as follows..........

Fergie starts his psychological games early, claiming the title is now Chelsea's to lose. In mid August.

Norwich will be top by the end of August. A grinning Ray Stubbs will ask the Norwich MD, "What are you putting in the pies Delia?"

Norwich will be rooted to the bottom by October. It turns out, Delia was putting horse tranquiliser in the pies.

BBC producers decide to liven up Match of the Day by bringing back ITV's Tactics Truck. Driven by WBA's Lee Hughes.

A Premiership manager will be sacked during September. The chairman will make it known he wants to talk to Martin O'Neill about the vacant position.

But what he won't tell the fans is he just wants to ask O'Neill for John Gregory or George Graham's phone number.

A Londoner names his baby son after the entire Crysta! l Palace team.
'Relegation Fodder Thomson' faces a life of misery.

Garth Crooks finally finishes one of his questions from the Euro 2004 press conference.

Mark Viduka scores on his Boro debut, kisses the badge on his shirt and
pledges that he "loves this club."

Two weeks into the season, Harry Redknapp claims, "We're down to the bare bones."

Arsene Wenger doesn't see any of the 48 red card incidents his players are involved in. Including Patrick Vieira's drive-by shooting of Harry Kewell.

But he spots the 'funny look' Roy Keane gave Freddie Ljunberg and lodges an official complaint to the FA.

Newcastle are involved in a new roasting scandal. But Kieran Dyer claims he was nowhere near the canteen when the potatoes weren't properly basted.

Crystal Palace win a £10 million sponsorship deal as Iain Dowie becomes the new face of Laboratorie Garnier

After failing to notch in his next three games, Mark Viduka claims his
family are unsettled in Teeside.

Des Lynam is forced to try and look happy presenting 'You've Been Framed'. Wayne Rooney is pictured throwing a wobbly in Dixons, prompting the headline, 'It's Wayne Looney!'

Mark Viduka issues, not so much a 'come and get me' plea, more a 'get me out of this sh1thole' request.

David James is spotted wearing the puzzled expression of a dog trying to work out how to use a laptop as the ball nestles in the net behind him.

Wayne Rooney is pictured baring his arse at Liverpool fans, prompting the headline, "It's Wayne Mooney!"

Steve McClaren finally finishes that book he's been seen writing during
every Middlesboro match.

Ruud van Nistlerooy suffers a foot injury and is forced to be re-shod. Wayne Rooney is pictured attempting to DJ in a nightclub, prompting the headline, "It's Wayne Spooney!"

Peter Schmeichel finally manages to finish a sentence. Lee Hughes is bookies' favourite to ! break Schmeichel's record though, as he still has 6 years before he'll finish his sentence.

On loan to Bolton, Mark Viduka scores on his debut, kisses the badge on his shirt and pledges that he "loves this club."

Roman Abramovich continues to bid for anything that's Italian and pacey, forcing Thierry Henry to accept a £4million bid for his wife's knackered Fiat Punto.

After manager Santini is sacked, Spurs appoint yet another experienced
caretaker until the end of the season. Hong Kong Phooey.

The incident the tabloids have waited for. A Geordie psycho attacks Wayne Rooney with an item of cutlery, prompting the headline, "Toon Loon in Roon Spoon Fume!"

After failing to notch in his next three games, Mark Viduka goes AWOL from Bolton.

Having seen neighbour's Chelsea's bank balance, Fulham launch a new away strip - 'green with envy'.

Nicolas Anelka misses two games because of a troublesome calf. It refuses to leave his hot! el room in the morning.

Despite a 10 match losing streak, West Brom are tipped to stay in the
Premiership for three more seasons. Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Roman Abramovich starts to collect players like they were Panini stickers, offering Arsenal "two Joe Coles" for Patrick Vieira.

Mark Viduka claims the alternator on his club BMW is a bit dicky and he may be forced to move clubs to get it fixed.

Southampton are the latest club to be hit by a sex scandal. Striker Brett Omerod is accused of a one in a bed romp.

At the Liverpool Christmas party, Phil Thompson arrives dressed as a
pumpkin. But come midnight he still hasn't turned into a coach.

CCTV footage captures Roy Keane ringing an old lady's doorbell then running away. An FA spokesman said, "This is just the sort of behaviour school kids are likely to copy."

Southampton are without beanpole striker Peter Crouch for two months after the lanky streak of p1ss strikes ! a low bridge.

Crystal Palace copy the Greek defensive system, appointing ex City coach Willie Donachie and Phil Babb just so they can boast a Donachie Babb combination"
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Outstanding ! - but then again I support Leeds so what do I know about football :oops:

What happens in the rest of the season ?

'kin 'ell what a footy season..... 8O

This should be moved to the NAAFI
If that lot happend I think the Supporters would strike and there would be no more season

Already doing the rounds in the office :D :D
Well Viduka scored on his debut last night, but no badge kissing and no declarations! :lol:
Manager sacked in September ...... Sir Bobby!

You truly are a prophet!

Any chance of next Saturday's Lotto nummbers ......... ?

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