Alternative Insect Repellent & 101 other uses for it.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by madmonkey, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. Alternative Insect Repellent
    For those not in the know the alternative insect repellent that everyone has been on about is in fact Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Body Spray (Soft & Fresh), the other scented ones are not the same, as they do not have the citronella in it.

    Spookily enough, my other half sells Avon and has just put in a large order for some, which should arrive no later than Fri 1 May.

    It normally retails at £5 per bottle; however, she can sell it for £3 plus p&p
    If you would like to pre-book some then please drop us a line.

    50p per bottle will go to Help For Heroes

    As a result of more info from other Avon Reps i have been able rehash the list and it now covers 101 other uses people have used it for. We must however state it is not sold for these uses.

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  2. Is this really as good as I've heard. Some years ago I was told about it but didn't take them serious. The stuff I buy is meant to be the real thing but each year I suffer with bites even though I put enough on to cause a vapour trail behind me! :evil:
  3. This stuff is pretty good although it is not supposed to be and not sold as such.
  4. I use it to counter the flying crocodiles that are West Coast of Scotland midges. It works better than any of the things that claim to be expressly for the purpose. There are some patch things that are fairly good but Avon beats them.
  5. 34 uses - better than KY cream
  6. it's also a good substitute for mayo on your chips. Add some chives and it makes dutch mayo mmmmmmmm.
  7. alternative repellant certaintly is the way! one year on the det both of us smeared the tent doors in issue repellant and it didn't do jack!

    the best insect repellant is a skinned apple about 100m outside of the det. nothing comes near you.
  8. Try garlic capsules. Bloke in Afghan swore that they worked? Gona try them in Kenya and see if works! He didnt get bitten for the two weeks i was working with him? But i did!
  9. Its WD40 then
  10. madmonkey - I'd probably view your first and only post so far as an advert. I'd suggest that you ask the Site Admin whether they allow that, as other advertisers certainly pay for the right.
  11. Sorry that you feel that it is an advert...i myself thought it to be informative and factual. As for advertising i am fully aware of what is required as my wife already has an advert on olivejobs. If the admin peeps feel that this post is not allowed then i will of course remove it.
  12. When ever I go traveling/backpacking, I normally carry a small can of Boots Insect Repellent around in my pocket - the small aerosol can. It's pretty nasty stuff to breath in, so I guess its as good as Pepper Spray.

    Reference the army stuff - from what I remember, doesn't it attract mossies?
  13. I'd agree, I chewed on raw garlic in Belize and Kenya and put garlic salt in my scoff it worked for me - I fekking stank for days afterwards though
  14. I've heard eating marmite helps...couldn't tell you myself, the most exotic place I've been is Mansfield.
  15. Marmite/Vegamite worked for me something to do with the yeast escaping through your pores when you sweat. I've also done the Garlic thing in both Belize and Kenya, they also work. On the West coast up here the Avon SSS green one is brilliant, and it leaves my skin supple and young looking!