Alternative fuels

Just set up a new forum at to see if it's possible to get some debate going on practical alternatives to fossil fuels. I'm NOT a screaming environmentalist, but if I can have a choice on what to pour in my tank then that's cool by me!

Been running my old diesel on biodiesel and veggie oil for a while, and there's a lot of info out there but it's kind of scattered around. Also there's very little said by car makers, government and so on - despite an apparent commitment to change they seem very reluctant to comment on the alternatives available now

The site is in its infancy, and will certainly need polishing, but it's ready to take posts. Emails are going out to a lot of organisations inviting them to provide a spokesperson and all it needs now is some members to start the discussions off.

So, if you've got any interest - supportive or cynical towards alternative vehicle fuels - head to and get talking!

I know posting this on ARRSE is almost like dropping my pants in front of a Cavalry Mess and shouting "take me, Big Boy!" but I think it's a discussion worth starting, and if that means throwing myself and the site on the mercy of ARSSE users then so be it :roll:
well to be honest im all for em, im don't have a green richard either but TBH it cant hurt to cut down emmisions the only problem is the technology and the availability of alternatives. i know this'll cause uproar but i think the governtment should put a heavy tax on fuel based on its emmisions of carbon (dosnt inclde mains electricity, thats being greenified anyway), this will prompt the car companies to say "F the oil companies if we stick with them we lose so much buissness, lets research green cars" then the UK is the forerunner in the market and we are greener

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