Alternative Embra, South West

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Little Jack H, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. OK, so the Embra weekend is here, but it's just TOO far for some.

    For any of you down towards the South West there IS an alternative!!

    The SLUG PARTY BUS will be leaving the Internet Suite of the George Hotel in Amesbury at 4pm this Saturday to travel to darkest Devon for an unplanned crawl round Kingsbridge.

    There's room for 4 passengers, including floor space for Sat night if you bring a maggot / bedding! At least 2 other mystery members will be arriving, so if you wanna come, PM Dale or myself to arrange meet-ups.

    Any other members who can make it under their own steam are obviously welcome, just PM for directions!
  2. Is a frock compulsary?

    Is eve going? can she not pick everyone up in her minicab en route :D
  3. Frocks will be supplied, no Eve won't be, and the cabs round here still run on horses. Any more questions? :D
  4. If you mean the blue spotted one thats been doing the rounds since Gunny had it.... yes, you can re-wear it :wink:
    Although the stains are still prominent, no one will notice. Honest. :lol:
  5. Not with the streetlamps round here anyway :lol:
  6. Right - the party bus is getting cleaned out tomorrow morning. Beebs, the monkey seat is out already and lives behind a chair now.

    Any takers for the Alternative We Are Too Poor To Make It To Scotland crawl?

    I can fit another 3. Leaving time is still the same. My music all the way. Bad luck.

    S A T U R DAY Night!!!!!!!
  7. Back to the top again. Sorry - but I can't make Embra.

    Takers from the Salisbury area please.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In the age of new technology (and Neu Arbeit!!!!) How about an exchange of photo messages on the night. The most disgusting gets arrested. PM if you want my moby number and exchange.

    Hope you have a great night and don't do anything I would do.

    I was going to say 'end to end ARRSE' but that might have been taken out of context.
  9. Auld - I hope the laptop crashed before you read the last message.

    Are you getting your saggy arrse to one of the arrse pish ups?
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Embra - I now wish to put my plea of mitigation before the court, before I attend said pish up, before _ aw fcuk it.

    p.s. How did you know I have a saggy arse (and various other parts)?
  11. No court will forgive you. May the great BBC have a thought in her heart for you.
  12. OK - the Slug's Skip is leaving in about an hour if there are any more takers.
  13. I have become a sad old pregnant homebody and won't make any of the crawls, :( , but I hope everyone who makes either has a ripper and posts the pics in the gallery as proof of debauchery and mischief!

    Another game of ‘Guess the tits owner’ might be good. :roll:

    Beebs x
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Beebs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and Dale were just chatting about you, Where have you been
  15. i might just try and ring the slug from whichever licensed premises we happen to be in whenever someone reminds me lol....


    and guess the tits owner? good call.... i believe there will be a few tits there tonight, and the camera is in my bag as we speak :wink: