Alternative Election Posters 2010

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MaceyThe, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Alright gents,
    I remember seeing a thread of these before the 2005 general election, and there were some corkers!

    Anyone who's handy with Photoshop (or paint?!) want to give it a crack this year, and post their efforts for the rest of us to have a chuckle at?!

    Go on.... :D There may be prizes for the most creative poster (there might not - don't hold your breath.)
  2. I loved the one put out a before the last election ago by the Tories which showed Blair with evil eyes. It was banned unfortunately, but it was prophetic.
  3. Bus

    courtesy of
  4. Here's a quickie
  5. Probably seen before.[​IMG]
  6. Says it all!
  7. No need for parody. Yes, this is a real one:


    What is wrong with this picture?
  8. An upside down flag is considered to be a distress signal.
  9. Fixed it for you:


  10. From todays News of the it.[​IMG]