Alternative Deployments and Secondments

Chaps - genuine question here, so please have a think. I don't for one minute think anything like I'm going to suggest would ever happen, but it has been going round my head for ages.

On a regular basis I read of damage being done to the natural world across the globe. Be it poachers in Africa, stealing monkeys for pets in Sumatra or destroying great swathes of rainforest in Latin America. The wardens, guards and those doing good are scared away, limited in resources or generally out-done by the bad guys.

How much diplomatic good could be done by seconding a few willing volunteers from HM Forces to such places for a few months? The training in alternative environments would be superb, goodwill to poor countries good for government and we'd actually get to make a difference.
I just think there'd be more than enough motivated volunteers around here to go and do something like this - I'm not talking about regimental deployments - just a low level few guys plus kit put there by the government and operating with the guards, wardens etc training them and supporting their efforts.
What do you think? One up from Op Raleigh I think! 8)


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Noble idea, but what about the legality of a soldier shooting an african poacher when on patrol on the wild plains of the Savannah? If Tpr Williams gets put in the dock in an opertional environment by BLiar and co, what hope does a soldier have in this environment.

Not dissing your idea, like I said, noble but unfortunately reality kicks in. Wouldn't life be nice we could go and do a good turn for the world without fear of being stabbed in the back by those who say they support us.

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