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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SKJOLD, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. What would be the "off the shelf" solution for a replacement of bowman. (or what ever the crap its called)

  2. 2 tin cans and a length of string.
  3. Why don't we ust buy whatever it is that the Septics are using? I think they are using SINCGARS just now. After all a great deal of our expeditionary-type ops now and in the future are going to be executed alongside them so why not go the whole hog and integrate our comms with them?

    IIRC the Crabs integrate their radios with the Spam Crabs through JTIDS so why can't we do the same sort of thing?
  4. The short answer is that there is no "off the shelf solution". Had there been anything that came close to meeting the (bloody ambitious) requirement, then a contractor would have offered it.

    The voice system - probably a SINCGARS based solution would have done it, but then you need to add UK crypto and, bingo, what's on the shelf no longer fits

    The complexity is the requirement for mobile data, without servers, over constantly moving low-bandwith bearers. No one has tried it. The US have a simpler version, but that takes as many platforms (vehicles) dedicated to it as we could field in a division.

    Then - take all this and install it into a large number of different platforms, all with propriatory software and hardware installations. THAT's why the programme is so problem ridden.

    It would need to be a damn big shelf.
  5. Tetra/Airwave is used both by UK Regional Bdes (inc 2 Sig Bde and other) and the Israeli army. I'm not sure how mobile it is, mm02 can plug gaps in Airwave coverage with mobile systems and the Isreali army is mainly using fixed infrastructure (again with a few mobile base stations). I don't think the IP capability of Airwave is as high as UK mil comms will be (got the impression from somewhere it has the similar data thoughput as a Ptarmigan channel).

    From what I've read about HCDR it looks to be an excellent system when it finally works (or does it already?). From what I've heard its the software (BISA's) that are causing the most problem wanting too much bandwidth.

    Wasn't most of the physical parts of Bowman already in use with the US and Canadian armies just we've wanted it pushed a little more forward
  6. TETRA as a network is very much static. Although its applications are mobile :)

    Thats not to say you cannot have TETRA like abilities with BOWMAN however :roll:
  7. We've had this conversation before methinks :?
  8. LOL, Dejavu...
  9. Ex-RR Op now Plod and Tetra user.

    Tetra Airwave costs money. Lots of money. They use strange and unusual calculations to make sure the end user is totally screwed and must have O2 fiddling with the important bits.

    Fine as a commercial solution to an essentially static area comms prob, not too good for warry, NATO potato stuff.

    Oh, and the fnucking shot keeps dropping and everything keeps going into fallback which is the equivalent of having SCRA and Triffid suddenly turn themselves into 349's without any notice....
  10. BTW anyone rememebr how we were going to beat RITA and sell it to the septics?
  11. If we go out on some major coalition ops then the yanks can (will) only give us so much frequency separation anyway - surely we must reach bandwidth saturation at some point?
  12. Buy mobile phones. Buy a couple of Base stations and set up our own network. Change the freqs as required. Use encryption if necessary. All now on the shelf to buy. 1 node can support 200K users. If you add Web with remote access nodes could also have data.

    Beats BOWMAN hands down.
  13. What about VOIP?

    easily encryted as well, ask THALES
  14. Just continuing on this, A base station with a competant engineer can be up and running and in the system in less than 4 hours.

    But if they went for the up gradedx one, to a 3g system, commanders on the ground. would be able to send real time images back to the ops room.

    Internet speed at the moment can hit 384K, so faster than normal dial up.

    Most fiixng can also be done remotely as well.

    So i guess the system would be called NOKIA :twisted:
  15. Thanks for the kind words Sabre!! Got it down to 3 hours Now!!

    Every one uses Mobiles on Exercise anyway, Why not strike up a deal with Nokia, Im sure they can sell em some Old 2G BSC's and a few Thousand Handsets, and encase them, in the worlds biggest Protective case, which will take 2 operators to lift and make a call!!