Alternative clothing for Underarmour?

Due to a recent mishap involving a loved one rapidly going to the top of my shit-list after accidently throwing out all my recently washed sports gear ( thinking it was a rubbish bag ) I am now in the very irritating position of trying to replace every bloody bit of sports clothing I used to own.

The gear that got chucked was mostly Underarmour t-shirts,grollies and shorts....purely because they are good gear and I managed to get them dirt cheap when working in the Gulf, rather than any kind of brand fanaticism, they are also cracking gear to wear when I go motorcycling.Bit of a mixture of the hot weather stuff and the cold gear that I used on my bike.Even my Aldi/lidl stuff ( cheap,but great gear ) got bloody binned.

Can anyone please suggest an alternative brand/company that does the same job but is not going to knock me for feckin six in the money stakes....I do not want to really dwell on how much that bastard gear will cost to replace with UA stuff in the Uk.

I would be using it for mostly gym/running/cycling and for under motorcycle/off-road touring gear.

Cheers for the help.
Hey mate.

I personally wear Nike Dri-fit compression tops etc. They've never disappointed me, and when running in the snow I don't even need to wear a tee-shirt over the top!

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The compression top has survived some pretty nasty encounters with a thorn-bush or two and isn't so expensive I'd cry if it needed replacing. Mine is grey and I'm not sure what the RSM would say if I took it along on Exercise, but in all honesty I usually just grin and bear it with the issue stuff.
Sportsdirect (formerly sportsworld, or maybe still sportsworld, who the **** knows) sell nike compression tops for around a tenner a piece. usually in either vest, tshirt and long sleeve form and they have the underwear ones too. Top stuff.
Try M&M direct as well, online clearance house type site.
If you or a friend are ever in the US, the Dri Duke brand is well worth a look - very similar to UA, but at a fraction of the price.

Interestingly, UA (and similar gear) is banned by the US Military on Ops, due to the melt/drip issues associated with the man-made fibres...

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