Alternate Xmas Message

Don't forget on Channel 4 at 2005. Don't know the chaps name but its a WOII who lost his arm in an RPG attack.
Just finished. Very moving! Good job sir.
Bloody good programme, especially from Channel 4
WO2 Stockton's message to the people of this country was an emotional trip for myself and certainly brought a lump to my throat, good on him, a brave bloke, who summed it up in "soldiers speak".

I just wish it followed the Queens speach on all channels. I raise a glass to you Sgt Major!
Respect to Ch 4

Even more respect to Sgt Maj Stockton, pity it did not get turned round on other channels.

Don't mean to be cynical but someone from 36 ( Greys Lane ) Regt really needs to get on "Come Dancing" or "X Factor" to get this in the public eye. :cry:
Excellent, wish it had been on at 3pm. The Wifes Tale, .....deep breaths, I think the turkey was repeating. Strangely moist eyed.


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I wonder if any of the so called management personnel at Birmingham airport bothered to watch it?
Very well done
Very moved well done ch4 and total respect to you Sir.
Superb effort from C4 and Jon Snow.

The Wife's tale had me blubbing. Really very well done indeed.


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It was a fantastic and moving programme. BUT, has anyone picked up on here about the young lad doing SEVEN years in nick? I don't know the facts about his case, however, shame on the MoD for refusing to accept PTSD!

My blood was boiling when I heard that knowing that some little piece of chav sh*t is walking free after crimes a mile long because the court heard all about his poor childhood!

I think, if not already done, this should be getting brought to the attention of the media to get this lad set free and given the treatment he deserves.

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