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Alternate collective nouns for the great and the good.

We all know of a herd of cows, and a gaggle of geese, and politicians are listed as ,a LIE, which is quite apt, so how about some other descriptive collective nouns, that are not ever going to be listed, like, a sewer of lawyers, or a plod of police, or maybe a fairy tale of estate agents, and even a bollox of clergy, a peado of priests, A ballsup of paymasters, etc etc,............. over to you chaps!
A simplicity of subalterns.
An idleness of civil servants.
A confusion of Officers.

Well . . .

A confusion of . . . lots of things . . . really!
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A arguement of . . . ARRSE'rs !!
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An 'Ello 'Ello of rozzers.
A wisdom of Warrant Officers (some may disagree).


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A Bicuspid of Army dentists.
A Fetlock of Army vets.
A Pulheems of Army medics.

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