Altering mess dress and no 2 uniform

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Macca_1985, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone. I was wondering if its possible to have officers mess dress and no 2 uniform altered for a NCO? A friend of a friend is selling their kit as they are now not in the army, and its going at a good price. Question is, can the kit be altered?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I doubt it when...WAH detector engaged:

    1. Different Mess kit for Officers and other ranks.

    2.'ve guessed it, Officers wear service Dress and not standard 2's.

    WAH detector off!
  3. Not to be a WAH but I am fairly new to the ACF and as such am not aware of the differences in uniforms etc. I was actually informed that I could possibly alter mess dress by my DC. Thats why I came on here to ask.
  4. You don't need mess kit or No2s in the cadets. You'll get it when future army dress comes back according to your priority (read: never).
  5. Nick,

    we are expected to purchase mess kit, and we are to be issued FAD as per all other Regular & TA units, obviously our priority is lower than their's so it will take longer.

    I would rather not have it issued as I had to purchase both uniforms years ago and they still fit very comfortably.
  6. It's a bit much to expect you to purchase mess dress when we're not even getting PTDs! Most people in my county apparently wear evening dress instead of mess kit. I certainly don't intend to spend over £500 on something I'll wear 2-3 times a year!
  7. You DO NOT need to purchase mess kit. The ACF/CCF cannot make you wear anything unless issued. You'll find that you can wear your old mess kit if you have served before. Also, as roll out of future army dress has been suspended for the time being, the cadets will probably never recieve it.

    Who on earth is telling you that you need Mess kit/No.2s? Seriously?
  8. I would tell this person in lofty authority to go ahead and buy your 2 dress for you since it so important !
    All non commissioned ranks had it issued previously so if someoone in authority really thinks it's that important you have it they should issue it
    as for mess kit they are blatantly telling porkies!
    If you were an officer I would say there is a little more of a case to buy it as you would receive a uniform grant
    however you aren't so don't worry about it
  9. Depends on the badge - some Mess Uniforms are pretty much identical across the ranks.
  10. Facking hell Macca, you've been in the cadets less than a year and theyve turned you into this.

    There's plenty to tickle your fancy on here: