Altcar Mil Skills Comp

Say again?

Surely someone else off ARRSE is going? Or now that the bounties are in (well.... perhaps not) are you not bothring with owt...
Do you know if there are any details about it on the net anywhere?
im going if work wont let one person go. never done a mil skills, what does it involve?
defo on it now. whats the social like at night? Pish up in the 'Pool?
oh FCUK. just agreed to do it but i didnt realise it clashes with the rugby


Wow haven't heard that name in a while!!! I'm a local (or was) and spent time down there as a kid and my pops used to spend time down there shooting clays. Give a nod to the Irish Sea for me while you're there ;)
El_Burno said:
defo on it now. whats the social like at night? Pish up in the 'Pool?
We're heading to Southport. Meant to be a mint night out!

My Sqn's going for the 3rd year in a row winning it this year. Should be good fun 8)
So what did people think of it, this year?

I thought it was a good range of skills, of interest and of some training value, and some of the 'golden oldies' mil skill stands. A particular favourite of the 'booby trap', 'drops', 'int' and 'casevac'.

First time I'd done it - it was good to see a strong tri-service turnout, as well as an international one, although the drill at the closing ceremony was comical (although, astoundingly, all 50 teams came to unison with the 'shun', which was relatively impressive).

Didn't get to see the SF demo - any good anyone?
fcuking quality weekend, booby traps good laugh (trick is to climb on the roof and get a bloke over that way to clear the threats). Casevac was a good run. Falling plates was a waste of time this morn. Also good to meet lads and lasses from other countries

two people gripped my sh1t:
-fat bird at matrix test not releasing people for 2 hrs, then having the cheek to winge saying were wasting her time.
-and that gobby scouse sig lance jack bird
Awesome weekend. Best thing I've done with the RAuxAF Regt so far.

Being part of the winning Sqn felt great too ;)

Never met sig burd but dainty go lightly pissed me off aswell.
I also wasn't particularly impressed with the falling plates ... could've been much better filled - the unzero-ed rifles meant it was more 'luck of the draw' (a lot of people couldn't even see their splash) ... although, maybe this is just sour-grapes!

Nevertheless, a good weekend. Talking to the DS, I heard the Germans were absoute monsters on the casevac - pissing it through, although they had no Respirators to wear ... and apparently the Poles (?) had exceptionally slick drills on vehicle recovery ... and I saw some good efforts and happy faces from the Dutch and Latvians. As much as it galls me to say, but congrats to the rock-apes, not for winning first place but for their slick drills throughout (at least when I saw them), despite their average age.

I'm pretty glad I went because you get some insight (albeit limited) into the trades of other units ... where on other competitions, you're purely doing OP's, patrolling, section attacks, BCD etc, here you use RLC transport equipment and pistols, you brush up on skills like section defence and recognition, and you learnt something new, about booby traps, or mines, or Int, or even just how to build a good sangar ... and, dare I say, because it's tri-service, international, and a skills competition, not an endurance competition (e.g. Cambrian)... there's so little bullshit.

Highly recommend it to juniors .. it builds on competence and teamsmanship, and I hope to go next year.
Agreed with all of the above. And thanks.

Germans were insane on the march & shoot aswell. Again, I could see no splash on the falling plates but think that was more down to the type of range tbh.

Should see you guys next year. (Norfolk n chance, you weren't one of the Rifles bods that were with us?)
i was lucky enough to see the splash on the plates so could adjust my aim accordingly. theres a mil skill in Germany in July

Who saw the Polish (?) geezer that looked like he was straight from 'Allo 'Allo?? FUNNY AS FCUK
Hey Guys

Yes was a ok weekend long for the admin teams i was helping run the comms & admin for the weekend.

Gobby Scouse Bird as you call is ok she just seems gobby when you dont know her, she is great really.

was a long day we started at 6 sat morn then finished t 2120 at night frigging bolloxed but was good, speaking to the germans they did really well they got best International team well done

our team did well for the wekend and also got the fastest time on the casevac so well done there
2 funny stories from the IED stand
in the morning

one of first german teams to do it straight over the top no problems job done quick time after deciding which way to play it

FRENCH team turn up looks at the task kicks the front door like they were going to storm the embassy funny as **** to see the guys running the stand face
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