Altbergs - polish??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Suedehead, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. Just got some Altbergs in but it says on the website do not use kiwi polish, is it going to fcuk them up if i use parade gloss on them?? :?
  2. Well its never "fcuked" mine up.

    Tend to use Kiwi if im trying to get them shiny and clean, and Leder Gris wax stuff day to day.

    Altberg Ledergris
  3. theoretically yes. If you use kiwi polish, the wax in it will soak itself into the pores that allow the boots to breath (and stop you sweating), and all that money you spent on a nice goretex liner will be wasted.

    it depends what you want to use them for? if they're for the field only, you can use Nikwax cleaner and conditioner to make them look good and black without stopping them breathing. if they're for wearing in camp, you may want to consider using it anyway to keep people off your back. Nikwax ain't bad though, once you've used the first pot of it they start to look like polished boots.
  4. Polish hasn't screwd mine up. I do use Nikwax though. Don't use parade gloss just use regular kiwi, it's not as greasy.
  5. Use Leder Gris only.