Altberg Warrior MK2 Boots.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RiflemanTom, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I bought a pair of these over the tinterwebnet from a well known Military shop up North after reading quite a few different review's about the usual top end makes. Most of the thing's I read about Altberg's in general seemed to be very good, so I ordered a pair of the new Warrior Mk 2's and sat back, looking forward to receiving my new ultra comfy, dapper as Raffles, Black Taxi's.

    For some reason though I've not been having much luck with them.

    I originally bought a pair of the non waterproof ones in my normal size (8 1/2 med). I knew that the size was right as I tried on a pair of Sneekas in a shop in the Shot the other month, and they fitted fine, but when my new boots arrived they came up quite small and they pinched the toes together accross the top of the foot. I phoned up and asked the guy at the shop about the boots before I returned them, and he said that as they're all made from the same mould type thing/whatever, they should all be the same size, and suggested I just go up to a 9 med, which I did. This time though I also paid him another £10, and asked him to send me the waterproof version.

    Because of the snow the post has been buggered up, so I've been waiting nearly 2 weeks for the replacements, but today I was chuffed to nuts when Postman Plod knocked on the door with my new boots. I went and put them on straight away, expecting to be marching smugly around the South Down's this afternoon in my ultra comfy boots, but again, dissapointingly, they just felt "wrong". They're fine accross the foot, no problems with the toes this time, but now my heel feels sort of loose and as though it's slipping about in the back of the boot. I'd say that this pair are now too big! :frustrated:

    Now I've never had problems getting boots in the past. I've not got feet like John Merrick's. No extra toe's, that sort of thing. I'm not Cornish, and I'm not related to any former residents of Imber, so I'm confident I'm "Mr Normal" as far as the old plates of meat are concerned. So I can only surmise that the fault's with the boot's.

    I've been wondering if perhaps Altberg's are only ultra comfy if you get your feet measured at the factory rather than buy them off the shelf, but I doubt if that's the case as it would seem a bit pants to me. Especially when you're paying £160 quid a pair!!

    On top of the messing about though, it's also going to have cost me £20 quid in shipping for returning the bugger's twice, and as I'm not exactly using £50 notes to light my cigars at the moment I'm not overly happy about that.

    So. Anyone else had similar problem's with Altberg's, or am I **** footed freak? :-|
  2. I have the sneakers and again I've never had problems getting boots or shoes to fit. They are too small squash my toes, the linings are poor quality and there are lots of places on the boots that collect dirt and are hard to keep clean. I can't say i'm happy with the stitching and there is too much of it. I also feel my heels aren't sort of anchored properly.
  3. I have just recently purchased the Sneeker mkII. In the shop I tried my normal size 11 on and they felt fine. I then began to wear them around camp knowing I had a cft within the next 9 working days. Days 1-6 they definatley pinched my feet and I thought to myself well thats £140 wasted but they then did seem to fit a lot more comfortable after a week doing normal stuff in camp.

    When the day of the cft came I had no qualms what so ever to wear them, and now I have no issues with them at all. I will go as far to say that they will be my boot of choice after wearing Lowas for the past 10 years.

    It may be just a case of wearing them for a couple of weeks, to get them worn in like I had to.
  4. If you put a piece of paper on the floor put the boot on and draw around it with a pen, then put your foot on the same area and draw around it you'll probably see the problem.
  5. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Honestly couldn't have worn them in mate, they were definately too small. They would have crippled me. I could feel the side of my little toes "clicking".
  6. I can agree with you there, I did compare the Sneekers footprint as opposed to my issued and my Lowas, the Altbergs did seem to have a very narrow footprint area. I didnt draw the outline but put all the boots sole to sole, and they was a considerable difference.
  7. They do have different width fittings but when I ordered my online they just sent a medium width fitting, no choice at all. If they at least gave you an option or some advice it might be of use. It's a lot of money for them to decide their fittings will be different to every other boot or shoe i've ever had.
  8. True and i've never had problems ordering online before and my feet haven't suddenly changed shape. It's simple they are sized wrongly, they are too narrow.
  9. My Altbergs fit great from day one and was really happy with them. I put them on and they felt like I'd worn them for weeks.

    On the flip side, the inside lining is in tatters now and they're not very old. Maybe 18 months. And it's not like I don't take care of them.
  10. It's just poor quality for a premium price. I do expect to pay this price for boots but I do expect them to last a long time.
  11. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I checked the sole against another Vibram soled boot that I have, and there doesn't seem to be any difference between them in width. The boots I checked against were a pair of Karrimore KSB 100's that I bought 7 years ago and used in Iraq. I've also got a second pair which are Goretex lined and they're both comfy as slippers.

    Just seems to be these Warriors. Perhap's the way they're made isn't consistent? Are they hand made?
  12. Well for what its worth I have weird mongtard narrow feet that've always struggled with Lowas and issue boots in anything bigger than a 'S', and my pair of Altberg Warriors fit really well, and I've not had a single problem, even wearing them from new. However, they DO feel a bit odd on the feet, like their a little too wide - i've checked, they aren't, so I guess i've had to put it down to the stitching and cut of the leather. They may feel weird but still do the job which is all that matters.
  13. I have the sneakers as already mentioned.
  14. RiflemanTom

    RiflemanTom Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Sorry Jarrod, I'll re phrase that. Perhap's the way all of them are made isn't consistent?
  15. Or they are consistantly too narrow. Either way i've seen enough complaints and the linings on the sneakers - no idea about the other boots, will not last.