Altberg Tabbing Boots

I'm thinking of treating my feet to a pair of Altberg Tabbing boots.

As boot construction varies between manufacturers (my last issued boots were DMS NI hightops) I would like to ask if anyone who wears them can tell me how hard the leather is and consequently are they easy (painless) to break in and do they last well?

They look like they'd be comfy and suitable for an old git with knackered knees but what's your "real world" experience?
Although I have never had a Tabbing Boot, I used to use the Sneeker boots (till the development of Tabbing boots it was the lightest boot for similar purpose). In both boots they use same leather, 1.6-1.8 mm thick (as opposite to more frequently used 2.2-2.4, used in- let say Lowa Elite Light boots)- and, I have to admit Sneekers were the only boots that gave me no blisters what-so-ever, they felt extra comfy from the day one till the end.
mind you- they used the same sole for sneekers and tabbing, which is a total shite, wears off really quickly and provides very limited grip.but with skywalk sole (from their police boots range) they are super comfy and long lasting. still pretty much the best boots i ever had.
Stan Jnr uses the Altberg sneeker. He's been to some interesting countries recently and says they were comfortable from the off.
That's all pretty positive, thanks.

Sounds like my "primary transport" are going to enjoy their Christmas present :)
Leather Personnel Carrier.

As 59 must have been quite fond of I would imagine.

No nurdles for the commando engineers. ....
I shall take myself off to the wah corner and write out I must not be wah 'd.

Slightly suspected with the like you gave it first though.

Then thought no gentleman of the Corps would sink to such a low on Arrse.

You are a very naughty man X59
The funny was for the reference to nurdles.

Only ever heard about it, never seen it played.
The funny was for the reference to nurdles.

Only ever heard about it, never seen it played.
Not surprisingly as a 59 bloke X59.
I had a go at it in Germany. Not that much fun but I could see howit would while away the hours waiting for reme.

And you are still a bad man. ...

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