altberg sneeker aqua. durable enough for random excersies here and there?

i know there is a thread on boots. but its mainly a broad subject.

im just wanting to know from people with experience are the altberg sneeker aqua., durable enough for a few excersises here and there. would be mainly used around camp but for a field duty now and then but not often.

its either these as i tried a pair on and they were very comfy. also anyone who has these are they hot and sweaty? as they are goretex lined?

either these or hanwags special forces lx, again tried these on and comfy but far bulkier and more field orientated than what i would get the use out off.

cheers guys
They probably wouldn't be tough enough for rough terrain and weight on yer back.

Sneekers and Han-wags are really at opposite ends of the light/heavy duty spectrum, maybe you could consider something in between like Lowa Urban GTX or Altberg Defender Microlites?

I've seen people use Sneekers, Urban GTX and even Combat GTX in the summer and they didn't seem to mind the sweat. Everybody's physiology is different though. Unless you are particularly sweaty maybe you should buy an all-round boot like Lowa Patrols/Supercamps and leave it at that. I don't have personal experience but the people I've seen use them, even in a Kent summer heatwave, have nothing but praise for them. They will get a bit sweaty, but they will do superbly in the winter and hence save you money.

I'm sure kitmonster will be along shortly to correct me.


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More than capable of just a few excercises here and there ive got a pair of sneekers and also the jungle boots (sneekers with a bit of canvas and holes in) excellent tabbing boots and ive just done the whole of PSBC in them which admittedley was probably there swan song excrecise they had previosly done some mileage!

Not sure on the aqua version but have got nothing but good comments on the normal ones.
Loads of people I know use Sneekers for absolutely everything, including hills / FTX with big packs. I've always had Lowa Patrol boots but am increasingly convinced that lightweight is the way to go.

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