Altberg or Lowa? Advice please.

I m planning on getting a new pair of boots as i dont feel the issues are up to the job. I have whittled down my choices to two boots, the Altberg Defender Micro lite and the Lowa Patrol boot (like mountain boot but no gore tex lining), but i cannot decide between the two and would appriciate some experienced opinions. I've got some arduous exercises coming up soon and i'm gonna need some real tabbing/running machines that dry out fairly quickly. I know both boots have their pros and cons and have read the threads on this board concerning them. My main question is which boot has the best ankle/arch support and which boot is best suited to long tabs/runs. Cheers.
I'm sure you realise this anyway, but the only way to be sure is to get the pair that fit you feet best! I found the Lowas slightly too narrow for my feet, and Alt-berg has a brilliant custom facility. Both very good, though in the end I bought a pair of Meindl boots, as that's what my walking boots are. Like slippers...
Got to be Altberg. The after sales service is good too.
I started using Lowa Mountain about 3 years ago, and have never looked back. i've got 2 pairs and will never buy another boot. I've tried danner olympic, matterhorns, pro boots and everything issue. I'm with Lowa from now on. But i made my decision on experience, which is really the only way - dont buy a boot because people say its good, buy a boot that fits and is immediately comfortable. Whether it works for you is down to time. Its an expensive business unfortunately, but you only get 1 set of feet.


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