Altberg - Lowa sizing / comparison.

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Doris Karloff, May 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi folks,

    a quick query; I've worn Lowa's for years, lastly having their Seekers. However, it's time for a new buy.

    I have quite slim feet, either get a 10 or an 11 in a shoe, and the Lowa size 10.5 fits me spot on (I had been looking at the Lowa Urban GTX 2 as a replacement).

    I've never tried Altbergs, but I'm swithering on going for the Altberg Sneeker Aquas. I've tried searching on the net for a sizing comparison between the two to see what size in Altbergs I should go for, but can't find anything.

    I thought I'd see if any of you guys may have had both makes and were maybe able to advise me on the sizing?

    That aside, (and I know there are loads of threads on here about boots!) but any thoughts on the two?

    Many thanks in advance:)
  2. I can say my Altberg's feel one size too small. The lining is toss and they aren't wide enough. If you get them don't do mail order. I've never before had any boots that were my size that didn't fit. I don't like the grain of the leather and I don't like all the nooks and crannies where dirt/ mud hides as it makes it difficult to keep them clean.
  3. Same as mine. Take size 10 in Lowa but have size 10.5 Altberg and they're still a bit of a squeeze.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Hmm, I have a fair bit of room for my tootsies in the 10.5 Lowas, wonder if I could get away with a 10.5 in the Altbergs. Might have to go up to the 11 by the sounds of it. I emailed the company but their reply was a cut and paste of their website info for mail ordering (stuff about wide feet when I mentioned I had slim feet) so wasn't overly impressed with that, seemed a bit impersonal.

    Read some good reviews about them though...
  5. Another thought, are you happy with Lowa boots? If so might be better to stick with what you like.
  6. Stick with what you know if I was you. I got some Altberg warriors in my size and they are a half size to small, pinching my toes when out tabbing.
    Got some lowa patrol now and they are very comfy.

    If you have something that works for you then I wouldn't mess with it.
    Plus are you going to be wearing MTP? If so I belive they are talking about brown boots so may be worth a wait or to find out.
  7. Know what you mean guys, I think what annoyed me about the Lowas (which I'd been very happy with) was the seekers really didn't last very long, and I wasn't using them heavy work at the time. I was surprised how quickly they collapsed. I noticed Altberg do a resoling service so thought it might make sense.
  8. Altberg will resole other boots. I'm sending my proboots there when I've cobbled the money together.
  9. Chaps, being one to go against advice, I plumped for the Altberg Sneeker Aqau, size 10.5
    Arrived today and they are a perfect fit, both with relatively thin socks and thicker jobbys. I must say, whilst early days, they look and feel the business.

    (After) I had bought them I was speaking to the guy who owns the business I bought them from, and he was saying he gets shed loads of enquiries about Lowas, but they are almost equivalent in number to those saying they always used Lowas, but their last purchase had been poor. He reckons their quality has went down quite markedly. As such, he's sticking with Altbergs.

    Anyway, just thought I'd update in case any other punter had the same query on the sizing issue.
  10. If you have skinny feet - you'll love moving from Lowa to Altberg. I wear a 7.5 in both.

    Just seen what you've written.... I love my Altbergs. My original Lowas (c2001) were fab, but a new pair I bought in 2008 just weren't the same and are horrible to wear. Enjoy.
  11. Cheers mate. I've been wearing them constantly, very impressed. The only slight niggle is a bit of pain/pressure from where there is extra leather around a cleat in the area of the (I think its called) talus in my foot - forth closed cleat from the bottom, last one before the large one, on the inside of my ankle.


    Hopefully that will wear off.
  12. Have you laced yours like the piccy?

    I find it's better (on recommend from the man at the altberg shop) to go from 4 to the far out ankle one like the picture then go over the TOP of the first leg open one and then carry on normal lacing. Just frees up the ankle, otherwise the laces cross over where it flexes. I'll post a pic in a sec.
  13. That would be great as I'm easily confused when I've been drinking:)
  14. [​IMG]\

    Hope that helps.
  15. Thanks a lot mate, time to try it out!