Altberg Defenders

I wear the peace keepers, sneakers and have a pair of civvi walking boots made by Altberg, all three are excellent. I have previously had a pair of Lowa's which I personally didnt rate, too heavy and chunky and made my feet really hot and sweaty on tab's. Personal choice though as everyones feet are different.


I've got a pair of defenders in the garage mate, I used to wear them when I was in. I liked them.
I find my lowa gtx to be really heavy for tabbing, trying to find a happy medium, something light enough to tab in but also decent enough to wear day in day out to work in
I've got a piar and I really like them. Like others have said, I started with Lowas which were comfortable but very heavy. I couldn't believe how light the Defenders were when I got hold of them. My feet get a bit hot and it was hard to get hold of some innersoles that weren't too thick but if I need to replace them I'll be buying Altberg again.

Bought a pair of altbergs at the white shops in catterick many moons ago (1988) and I`ve still got them for the odd walk in the hills even now. Very light and comfy. Mine have the nylon web tops so obviously water proofing is not the best but they do allow the foot to breathe on tabs.
I'm trying to decide between Defender and the Peacekeepers. I heard that the Defender 'Microlite' sole has a habit of wearing faster than some of the older styles found on the peacekeepers. Anyone got any experience of that?

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