Altberg - Defender Vs Peacekeeper

I realise it's likely I'll be called a bellend for making another thread about boots.
However I want some info quickly so I can make my decision, as after reading all that's been said about altberg on this and every other review site known to western civilization, I'm still undecided.
I've narrowed it down to a pair of Altberg defenders, or Peacekeepers.
From experience, which are the best for running about and tabbing. The look identical, exept the peacekeepers are a tenner more expensive. Can anybody justify the added price? and Does anyone know if one is superior over the other?
Sorry to be Cunnt.
I've just been issued with a pair of peacekeepers P1 Aqua, no idea what the differences are, however you could ask the guys at Altberg (Tel: +44(0) 1748 850615 / 824717) what the differences are. While I was in the factory/shop they dealt with several customers, and the recommendations made by the staff didn't appear to have any bearing on price. One person was persuaded to go for a cheaper option as the staff claimed that it was the better boot for the customer.

So far I've found the peacekeepers to be comfy (but I've not tried tabbing or running in them)
Defender is supposed to be the full feature bombproof heavy military boot while Peacekeeper is supposed to be a lighter boot for largely urban wear. I have a pair of the latter and find them very successful for hill walking. I think they have the same Skywalk sole.

Actually, I find the Alt-Berg range baffling in its complexity and I think someone must have told them that 'product development' was a good business strategy.
I believe that it's the midsole that is the main difference between the two boots; the Defender is much stiffer, to allow more stability when carrying heavy loads and crossing difficult terrain, whereas the Peacekeeper is more flexible to allow the foot to flex when driving, or kneeling, running, that sort of thing.

If in doubt, contact Alt-Berg directly; they'll get you sorted.

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