Altberg Defender Microlite Boots

Did a tab over Brecon today in these boots and they are brilliant. (First time i have worn them 'in the field'.
My feet got absolutely soaked but the boots remained comfortable and warm.

I would highly recommend these boots for someone who doesn't want heavy gore-tex lined boots.

See for more details.

PS Before anyone comments on bad drills, the reason that the inside of the boots got wet was that the water from my soaking trousers ran off them into the top of my boot!
Sorry to dig up a fairly old thread but i am thinking about getting some Altbergs and need some advice.

I have looked at both the Defender Mk 3 boots and the Peacekeeper Mk 3s and cant realy see alot of difference in them. Can someone who has had experience with these boots point out any advantages to either boot over the other.
Also how high up the leg do they come? Are they about the same as standard assault boots and Lowa Combats or are they more of a mountain boot because from the picture it seems as though they may be sort of in between.

Thanks Alot.

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