Altberg comparison - Sneeker vs. Warrior vs. Field&Fell?


Have had a pair of sneekers for 2 years and they are great. The tread is starting to dissapear now and i can't be doing with replacing them just yet with the change to brown boots coming soon. I had a pair of desert micro-lite a while ago and was not too impressed by them. My sneekers are size 12W and the micro-lites are 12 1/2 as i could not get 12W at short notice. The 1/2 size difference is a real difference in comfort which may be why i don't think they are that good, however the people in the factory did say that getting a 1/2 size bigger if i could not get the wide fitting would be just as good.
In general the boots have been well worth it and i will by brown ones in the near future, the staff at the factory are really good if you visit.
The thing is with Altberg is they either fit your foot shape, or they don't. I think they are poor due to my own personal experience of them. I can put on a pair of Lowa from new and not suffer. Not even a hotspot!

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Not my experience - I found the junglies to be brilliantly comfortable, and so, as the necessity arose I bought a pair of dessies in exactly the same size and they were perfect! Back in the UK and coming up to winter I bought the Field & Fell originals - same size as my other Altbergs. Initially my feet felt like the blood was being constricted they were so tight and I was gonna sling em on ebay. However I tried em with thin socks, wore them for an hour or so (and they were still uncomfortable!). Did the same thing for a few days but gradually they've loosened up and as they got a bit more flexible and broken in I'm wearing proper socks. Two months later they're more comfy than my others plus no cold/ wet feet. Sure, they're considerably heavier than the microlites but they are the most comfortable cold weather boots I've ever had.

I'm not saying Altberg are the best boots made or anything cos I haven't tried them all - I've just found that they suit me better than anything else I'ver worn previously and that they exceed the performance level I was expecting when I bought them (except that I wish I'd bought the "panama" soled junglies) Once you find something that suits you - stick with it.


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Now I have a pair of Lowa and Danner Fort Lewis, they're both heaps better than the Altberg, lot better put together, materials better quality. Think I'll get my old ill-fitting Altberg boots on ebay because some mug will buy them.