Altberg comparison - Sneeker vs. Warrior vs. Field&Fell?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Stukagum, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    writing to you from Denmark here. :viking: I registered because I want to try a pair of Altberg boots, but nobody in mainland Europe seems to know much about them. Here we go:

    My reason for trying them is that
    - issued boot is crap
    - the popular alternatives are typically mountain style boots and too stiff for me

    I have some experience with Lowas and while they are of superb quality, the hard soles just don´t work for me. I need boots that will do well in woods, marshlands, sandy terrain and to some extent on roads. No mountains/rocks around. However, it can´t be too soft either. I won´t do any hardcore ultra heavy rucking, but patrolpacks and heavier firearms require their bit of ankle support I guess. A firm, yet somewhat flexible sole will do. My service is part time, I must add, so wear&tear is an issue but not as much as for full time tabbers of course. Full leather is a must, non-goretex would be nice but I would compromise on that. Resoleability would also be a plus. As a reference I would say that the Lowa mountain/patrol boot is too thick and stiff, Magnums or Oakleys are too soft (apart from their other flaws...).

    So for those of you who have the comparison, how would you rate the Sneeker, Warrior and Field&Fell. The latter looks the best and sturdiest to me, but I suspect it to be as stiff as a Lowa. Sneeker - maybe too soft, and not full leather? Can the non-gtx version be proofed with wax/grease? Aqua version instead? Warrior seems in between, looks firmer than the Sneeker and softer than the F&F.

    Any advice/rating list would be greatly appreciated. :)

    Thanks and have a great weekend.
  2. I have a pair of Sneekers, but haven't had them for long. All the reports I've had from other lads are that they are excellent for running/tabs etc, and can be used on exercise, but won't last too long.
    Despite everyone else saying they're incredibly comfortable, they give me horrendous blisters on the back of my heel. Im hoping they break in.
  3. Altberg are shit in my opinion, use the search function, you'll find loads of boot info.
  4. Thank you all for contributing. Sure there is lots of boot info and some reviews, and I did read a large part of those. I am also aware that there are negative opinions, still I would like to see for myself cause I found the neg reviews focusing on fitting a lot, and not so much on the overall build quality.

    I also miss specific description of the flexibility of the mentioned models. Maybe that will be added to the topic later. :)

    Thanks again.
  5. Ive had two pairs of warrior aqua, i loved them, comfy as slippers tough as, well, boots! Now have the mallerstang civvy boot which are shit by comparrison! Things i didnt like about warrior, ankle support is not the best, sole is shit in mud and on slimy stones (altberg will swap them over for a price) they lasted ages with good care, also a fan of thei leder grease! for more detailed borefest PM me.
  6. I have a pair of Sneakers (black ones) Microlite - they are really comfy, probably the best (comfort-wise) boots i've ever weared.
    I bought them almost 1 year ago, used them since them (with exception of maybe 6 weeks in the winter) daily - for about 1 hour per day (I do not work in them, I use them for going to the town, shopping etc)- here is the photo of a sole:
    If I'd use them daily, for longer (as a policeman etc)- they wouldn't last 6 months; also using them in wet/slippy environment is rather risky. I wouldn't dare to go in them inot hills anymore (I did it once). Pretty shame considering their price.
    Why wouldn't you try the Bundeswehr boots (Haix 2005 or 2009)? they aren't as lightweight as sneekers, but are still pretty good (a bit warmer than sneekers; they are all leather, no gore-tex etc). Pricely wise they are really affordable (especially on the mainlaind Europe)
  7. There are some strange people here. You bought a pair of Altberg's a year ago. You've since put them on for an hour every day to go into town shopping?
  8. what can i say? i like the leather touche on my ankles (and nipples) :)
    and they were used as a general boots; unfortunatelly i cannot work in them ("health and safety")

    but in all seriousness: Altberg advertise them (i.e. sneekers) as a boot for police/armed forces in urban environment. As I wrote: the only bad thing I'd say about them is crappy, slippy and easily wearing out sole.
  9. Thanks for all your advice.

    I decided to order a pair of each and see for myself. The Sneeker fits my feet superbly and feels nice to wear for everything except heavy duty use. However, I am a bit concerned about the leather. It looks good enough to me, but some have reported that it leaks in water and moisture. Now of course the mesh parts disqualify for waterproofing already. But what about the leather and seams. Is it really impossible to improve those by wax, grease, whatever...? What did you guys use and did it work? If not, what (aside from the mesh) is the problem with the leather upper in your opinion?
  10. Good for you you greedy bastard ;)!
    but seriously: I had no problem with that leather- but, as you have noticed, the "tongue" is made of cordura which isn't obviously waterproof- so forgot about watersports in them. So far- after using those boots in all kind of weather (although, for snow i prefer other kind of boots, full-leather) I cannot say that it leaks- but I took care about them: grease them (i like the "hot way", in which you are warming up both the grease /so it's kinda liquid/ and boot /so leather is warm- not hot!/), leave for dry (overnight, maybe 24 hours), than wax them (i usually use old fashioned nikwax tinned wax; also in wet way). leave for drying (of course- before all of that remove laces etc).
    or you can just use the modern technique, with "wax" in a tube etc (cheaper, easier, faster- but I wouldn't write "better")
  11. Well it´s not like I can keep all three...wish my paycheck was as fat. ;)

    Sounds good with the waterproofing, and pretty much like my own procedure. Little grease, lots of wax.

    Again, thanks for sharing.
  12. Altberg Sneekers are awesome - no blisters, durable, affordable, and great for tabbing/ light hiking
  13. Thanks for your first post... I think they're pretty poor.