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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gorilla, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Just been warned for Afganistan, I'm after buying a pair of Altbergs, however I don't know which are best suited for the environment, the Desert Microlites or the Desert Velthogs. Any help would be mucch appreciated.
  2. Veldhogs have wider and flatter soles, just as lightweight as other makes/models but stronger due to the way they are stitched together.

    Sole is similar to the old Matterhorns issued for winter Bosnia tours, wide and flat - perfect for parachuting and better than the US boots.

    Loads of Lowa and Meindl dessies bought off-the-shelf recently, make sure you deffo aren't being issued them before you part with your hard-earned cash
  3. Many thanks.
  4. I bought a pair of Velthogs when I went to Afghan. Much better than the issue boots, and you wont feel every stone as you walk either. Mine still look like new after my trip to the sand
  5. Speak to the guys at altberg they will advise you accordingly.
  6. They done loads of tours in Helmand have they ?

    They only make them, I'd only be happy taking advice off of the blokes who've worn them in theatre.
  7. I am wearing the desert microlytes as i type. I have also used the Meindl desert fox. The Altbergs are great cos they're light weight and i will probably use them for phys when i get back to the uk, they are the best i have used in the heat ( i have been issued three different sets of issue boot all of which make your feet rot) The Meindl are more sturdy but are hotter during the day. Both are equally comfortable and i would recommend either above the issue boots (unless they've changed them) Also you can get the meindl through the QMs. They accept that the issue boot is not made very well and isn't even foot shaped!!! :frustrated:
    Anyway, final word, for six months of your life its worth investing in your feet if the army won't provide.
  8. Guess they don't get feed back from their products then! Or have any idea what products are fit for what purpose!
  9. Silly me, of course they will advise him accordingly, just like if you went to a Toyota dealer and asked them what they thought about you buying a Volvo ...

    In actual fact, both desert boots that gorilla is asking about in his opening post are excellent and exceptionally well suited to current theatres.

    But I'd much rather hear that from an independent source who's been there and got the t-shirt rather than from the blokes who make them.

  10. oh - someones tired!
  11. Slight difference, buying a pair of boots is fcuk all like buying a car, at least you can test drive a car. Anyway, who rattled your cage, wasn't even you asking for advise - so wind your neck in
  12. When are you due to start your tour? If you have just been warned about a winter tour you may be better off with 3/4 season boots. Just a thought. Im due out in sep but dont fancy forking out for gucci dessies if im gonna be shivering in Proboots.

    Any input from guys who have done a winter tour?
  13. I can also vouch for KSB Outback (unlined version). They managed a 9 month tour with me, and it wasn't all mincing around in camp either!
  14. Decent winter boots if you are in the Kabul area. When it snows and then thaws, all that dust from the summer? Turns to shitty mud...
  15. Cheers mate, what about Bastion?