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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by insttech, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. After a recent cadre, when my feet where torn to bits by my Magnums, I've decided to buy a pair of Altberg boots. The problem is which pair? They have many different varieties, with different 'options' (waterproof lining etc.). I'm in Richmond (the factory) in a week, so any advice would be gratefully accepted. I'm on a training year next year, so they'll be used mainly in the field (Europe), although when in base I work behind a desk.
  2. Long time since I got mine but I found that the Altberg staff were very skilled and I told them my problem and my requirements so they were able to tailor the boots to do what I needed. They gave sterling service and I've only abandoned them because the accumulating rolls of fat were threatening the laces!
  3. You won't go far wrong with Altberg Defender range. I wear Altberg micro-lite boots, they're light as fcuk, very comfy and provide enough protection for me but the Defender range are sturdier.
  4. I bought my first pair of Altbergs when at P-Coy in the mid-90s; they ate up the hills of Catterick and Warcop without a problem. Stick with Defenders and you won't go far wrong.
  5. I agree with Fallschrimjager. I to have apair of Altberg Defender Microlite Boots and they are brilliant.
    Very light due to no waterproof membrane but have a cambrelle lining so they keep you feet warm.

    As others have mentioned, the standard defender range is also excellent so your best bet is to try each on when you are at the factory.
  6. I second that , Altberg defender boots are top notch . I do prefer Lowas but i have knackered knees .
    Altbergs are lighter and with good admin you wont get any blisters
  7. I have 7 pairs of Altbergs and i think they are excellent, but have found the the microlite sole too soft as within 8 months i had to get 2 pairs of boots resoled as the Catterick training area had worn them away
  8. 7 pairs of boots! you need to get out more mate.
  9. Thats because all the DS at Catterick have a ''dodgy deal '' going on with John Bull .
  10. Oh and pair of Altberg shoes
  11. More like a 'dodgy deal' with the Physio department who issue them chits saying the can't wear issue boots, so they have to have special ones! And Altberg being so close is the boot of choice!
  12. Nah, he needs to get out less :lol:

    I've usually got more than one pair since they can take a while to get hold of (especially if custom made to order) and you never know what you'll be issued in time, so it's worth having a trusted pair (and dessies) in the back of your locker.

    Agree with the info here ref microlite sole, etc.

    I'd stick with the lighter weight Altbergs in general. If it's just temperate use and you're sure you don't need cold protection, get one of the lightweight models (you can wear them with sealskin socks when necessary in the wet)

    If you go somewhere really cold you'll need the issued Alico boots (ski-march boots), so if possible my advice is to go light if you can.
  13. has anyone tried the peacekeepers out been looking at getting a pair of altbergs myself
  14. I can vouch for Altberg's efficiency and helpfulness...

    I had a pair of 5 year old Lowa boots resoled a year ago...cost 50 quid, but well worth the money...Service was second to none...
  15. I like the Altberg Sneeker, I got myself a pair of these after the physio said i'd be allowed to wear them, then promptly changed his bastard mind after i'd shelled out the £130.

    Cheers mate. :evil: