Altama Black 8" EXOSpeed II Boots. yes I know again with the sodding boots

I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Altama Black 8" EXOSpeed II Boot I'm looking at using them for bush walking/tabbing any info would be much Appreciated and as always I expect and welcome a large amount of slagging off thanks chaps


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Depending on your pace, your best bet would be one of these for the left foot and one of these on the right.


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Click on thr second icon in on the reply screen - a box that looks like a mountain on it, choose pic then upload
Given that he's been trying unsuccessfully for the last hour...

If it's a pic on the internet, right-click on the picture, select "copy", put the cursor into the reply window, right-click, select "paste". Done.

Doesn't always work but does more often than not.

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