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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bigjock1229, May 3, 2010.

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  1. hey guys. need a bit of advice.with the bounty arriving tomorrow i've decided to splash out on a pair of alt bergs (warriors to be precise). what i would like to find out is what kind of fit do you get from alt bergs.
    usually i take a size 11 for trainers and boots but when i bought my current pair of lowa combat gtx i was advised to get a 10.5.they fit superb but are currently falling apart.
    should i order half a size smaller or stick with the 11s?
    cheers guys
  2. Pop down to a store that sells altbergs and try a few pairs to find the size that fits or if you live up north visit the factory in richmond.problem resolved.
  3. Hello bigjock1229,

    I have two pairs of Altbergs,both half a size bigger than I take in shoes and they both fit perfectly.

  4. cheers guys just wondered if they were a snug fit thats all.problem being there arent any shops around for a good few miles that will sell them to try them on.thought id rely on the sea of knowledge that is arrse.
  5. Hello bigjock1229,

    it might be worth phoning them up before ordering online,I am pretty sure they will tell you to go half a size bigger.

    Here is their website:

  6. I have couple of pairs - I find them noticeably narrow fittings. I normally take a Church's 9.5 F shoe but my (excellent) warriors are 10.5 Wide. If you have wide feet I would not buy online without trying first. They do run fitting 'events' round the county (contact them for details).
  7. My advice would be to visit the store no matter how far away you live. The service is top, they will try every pair of boots in the store on you to make sure you leave happy.
    I bought a pair from a shop and was assured they would strech, my son is now the proud owner of a pair that are to small for me, I bit the bullit and went to the alt berg store and got them fitted. If you have mong feet they will make a pair for you but that will take 6-8 weeks.
  8. If you plan on visiting the factory I'd advise you to ring first - i just turned expecting to be able to try on various different sizes only to find that they had almost no stock, infact they sent me to John Bull in Catterick as they had the boots i wanted in the right size for me.
    They were most helpful although the guy was getting a bit fed up with having to send people away because they had no stock!!!

  9. Agree with this comlpetely. I went up there (1.5hr drive) just to buy a pair i liked the look of. Wasn't going to bother with a fitting as i thought i knew my own feet. Took my shoes off to try a pair on & the bloke sucked his teeth & ummed & ahhed looking at my plates.
    He then measured me up & sized me correctly.
    Result - 6-8 weeks later the comfiest, best fittin pair of boots i've ever had.......& thats after wearing issue stuff for near 20yrs, in & out of the mob. Definely worth a trip .
  10. Buy your Altbergs from a PRI shop. They are much cheaper as PRI's get quite a good discount.

    Warrior Microlites RRP £149.99 PRI Price £118
    Warrior Aqua RRP £159.99 PRI Price £126
  11. as stated both others, they are quite narrow boots.

    The best thing about Alt-Bergs is they have a fitting service, but you do need to go to Richmond (thats the one in Yorkshire)