Alt-Berg Peacekeeper P1 MkIII Boots

Hey people.

I am looking to buy a pair of these boots.

I have looked on eBay, no joy!

Just wondering if anyone knows any websites that sell's these. I have looked around and silvermans seem to sell them, but for £110.

Is that the going price or does anywhere else sell them cheaper?

Also, whats the "competition" if you like, between defenders and peacekeepers? Everyone seems to like both but whats the better boot? Or is it a personal preference thing?

Thanks alot.

Google is your friend CLICKY
vandyke said:
Go to google and type in ALTBERG
first on the list is

Once you get them let me know and i will come and tie your laces aswell
Ok great!

I don't mind helping out when people need practise ;)


Cheers guys I looked at the AltBerg website but was wondering if other places do them cheaper.
If the cost is an issue, you can half the price of any footwear by just buying one boot rather than a pair, and hopping.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the pointer there, but I think I can scrape the money together.

So, another question?

Defenders or Peacekeepers... I mean, whats the difference?

I'm Infantry so I don't know if this sways the decision I should make?

The Defender has a stiffer sole with a more aggressive tread than the Peacekeeper therefore making it more suitable for "proper" soldiering. The Peacekeeper is a more flexible "mincing about" type of boot.

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