ALT-BERG Leder Gris Usage


Hi all fairly newish here, but I need some quick advice. I've recently been issued my Alt-Bergs and have some brown Leder Gris to use but I'm curious how? Is it the same as polishing the old assault boots? Also the band around the base of the boots above the tread, does that get treated?

Also it says in the booklet that you should treat them when 'nearly' dry but what if they weren't wet? Do I have to dampen them slightly before treating? And I'm assuming it's the same brush on brush off? It's just I've heard some say put it on with your finger then buff it off?

Sorry again if I sound like a dunce but it's best to be sure :)
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I use the same brush, work it in then leave for about an hour to soak in then buff'll no' be shiney shiney but it will be polished.

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