Alt-Berg Leder Gris; any good?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Bravo_Bravo, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. A small tin came with my recent boot purchase and Alt-Berg say they ONLY recommend that product; not saddle soap, Kiwi, etc.

    Is it actually much good or is it a bit of marketing guff?


  2. To be fair, if it is pure marketing spiel, they've taken me in as I only ever use Leder Gris on my Altbergs.

    But never had a complaint with Altbergs whatsoever so if partly this is due to Leder Gris only being applied, everyones a winner.
  3. There was a post about this from I think 'jonno-jonno' saying that due to the type of leather breathability etc etc that you should only use Leder gris
  4. i don't like that altberg stuff.
    i prefer this i always use it for my boots (altberg and others)
    and after that- i use the old, good nikwax wax (in metal tin). it's no longer produced, I have a couple of tins left so it will take the while before I'll try the new nikwax stuff (which may be applied on wet leather- and the old stuff shouldn't)
  5. I use the "Leder melissa" in the big brown tub from Raiffeisen, cheap as chips and it works very well, smells like a North Korean knocking shop for a day or two, but my feet are dry!

  6. As I`m fluent in Spanish I can tell you that's pubic hair styling wax.

  7. I use it on my Matterhorns and they are rarely dry this time of year , it works okay but I doubt it would be much use if you need shiny shiny boots.
  8. [​IMG]

    Aye caramba....did you say pubic hair?
  9. But how does Meindl sport wax fit in - as I got a free tub I'm using it on my Meindls after a day chasing wildlife on the moor, but would be happy to find a cheaper alternative? Suggestions welcome, so long as my feet stay dry.
  10. Cheaper than £2.99 , FFS are you a porridge wog? Meindl Sport Wax :: Outdoor Gear :: Footwear :: Cleaning and Reproofing
  11. Come on - don't just look at the headline price: it's a very small tub for £2.99..... (and no I'm not one of those North of the Border types), albeit I am tighter than a gnats chuff.
  12. my brother used to use kiwi on his Alt-Bergs and the leather kept splitting they recommend legder gris
  13. I used to wear the boots I was issued and used what was sold in the NAAFI: you lot really are a bunch of tarts and kit whores!
  14. And you used to have wet feet, stimmt's?