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Alt-Berg Bootmakers

Hi All,

Just wanted to say how very, very impressed I was with the service I received at Alt-Berg in Richmond, N Yorks on Friday. They quickly diagnosed the problem I'd had with my previous boots, identified my peculiar Achilles problem and found me a wonderful pair of boots with supportive footbeds. There was no rush or hassle and I spent nearly an hour getting sorted out.

I ended up with a pair of their Norway boots - seems a little OTT for Salisbury Plain and the Marlborough Downs but I'm an archaeologist who spends a great deal of the winter standing around in muddy or ploughed fields (possibly the worst walking surface in my opinion) or on very, very steep slopes. The price which included footbed, Smartwool socks, a tin of dressing and spare laces was excellent.

I'm very glad I made the four hour trip up from Cirencester




Good to hear another positive report about Altberg!

My Altbergs that i have had for a year and a half now are still an excellent bit of kit. Best boots in my opinion!
I can only once more add my praise of Altbergs excellent boots and a fair price. Had a pair for over 5 years now, they custom made a pair of their Gamekeeper boots in black for keeping my toes warm in winter, at no extra cost.
Wher abouys in Richmond is the Shop?? Also what sort of price are we talking about?? looking at changing my boots, currently wearing Meindl, which in my opinion are gash!!


War Hero
I resurrected this thread to comment that Altberg have just resoled my Proboots and done a very nice job indeed.

The old soles simply disintegrated after very little use, but as I am no longer serving I couldn't just return them to the friendly Quarter bloke and draw some new ones.

Altberg have replaced the soles with Vibrams: total cost about forty quid, including carriage both ways, which I think is a bargain as I have pretty much a new pair of boots for the money.

A further thought - has anybody else had this problem with issue boot soles falling to bits? Any ideas on why it happens?
I was told by a storeman that the rubber on the soles only "lives" for a number of years, so therefore if a pair of boots have been sat on a shelf somewhere for years before being issued, the rubber will have de-generated a fair bit in that time and once the wearer starts putting them through regular use they just start to wear down rather quickly.

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