Does any one know th main differences between these 2 courses? (I know the ALS course is a civy course, I ment in terms of course content.) And also, does any one know the entry criteria for doing BATLS/BARTS?


Just spoke to the folks who teach it, you have to be a class 1 CMT, MA (Navy), a qualified Nurse or even class 1 HCA! Hope that helps, want anymore info just PM me!
BATLS is trauma orientated, ALS in not. In effect, they are 2 entirely different courses. For those who did BATLS/BARTS a little while ago, you will be pleased to know that it has been completely restructured now by people who genuinely know what they're talking about. The new course is to be implemented shortly and will be well worth attending (even for those who already hold the qual).

Hope this helps.
Last Civvie ALS course I did was ninja

Two consultants failed it much to their shame!!!


I think they were into skin and ENT though, still no excuse!!
Invictus, I done Batls/Barts some 15 years ago when it first started, are you trying to tell me that the top surgeon in the Army at that time did not know what he was talking about. If so, I think you should go and 'Boil yer heed'.
Choking the Chicken,

I think he was trying to say that the course hadnt changed in 15 years, it was still the same guys spouting the same, now outdated stuff from that era and some, granted not all the faculty were well past it!

So think you should go back to choking the chicken, and stop living in the past!

As we have to keep current for cpd, courses have to keep current too.
I am also saying that the former SMO and MEDWO UKSF have a much better handle on prehospital trauma than any Brigadier you can pull out of your arrse. Try not to get clever chicken, it doesn't suit you. :roll:
New format is spot on and very much based on experience and current thinking, certainly rocked some boats !
Frank,Invictus, I am surprised to hear things had not changed,of course theese types of courses must be kept fluid. Col J-- R--n was one of the best around, possible a lack of trauma experience or the wrong people in the job. Just like the CMT cadre.

Your right of course Invictus, cleverness is not my strong point, but then again Im not NURSEY TYPE, who has a University degree, only a lot of experience and a willingness to learn. :lol:


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