ALS- told to move my post here..!

Hi- Apologies if this isn't the right forum for my question. Am hoping someone will move it if I've come to the wrong place!

I am really hoping (as a matter of some urgency!) to get an idea of life in the Army Legal Service. If anyone is able to give me a steer on what it is genuinely like to serve with them I would be most grateful!

Decision time is fast approaching for me and I have got myself in a bit of a pickle re life/career and all sorts of deeply meaningful stuff like that.

Here's my list of questions:

1 Truthfully- are they all failed civilian lawyers? This isn;t the impression I have gotten so far from actual ALS personnel (like myself several of them are ex-city solicitors) but other (non ALS officers) all seem keen to slate them as losers!

2 Please don't scoff at this next question but- Will an operational tour be a given? Recruiting officers I have spoken to seem v keen to sell the ALS as very female and family friendly and have sidestepped this question quite cleverly so far!

3 Will I get to do advisory and operational as a definite? Truth be told I don;t want to be stuck getting 18 year old recruits out of cells on saturday nights for any real length of time (although am fairly sure recruitment guy was joking about this..!)

Any advice HUGELY appreciated.



Regarding op tours yes they are a given. The ALS is a relatively small cap badge and the demand for legal advice on ops has never been higher.

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