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General Question relating to my own skill base (not a recruiting question - just being nosey really)

I am a Claims Consultant specialising in Construction Dispute Resolution, knowing that the Royal Engineer's have a broad experience in building just about anything (but being ex-RN, I'm not sure what outwith what Wikipedia tells me), but also aware that civilian contractor's may be employed to perform construction/installation/fit-out tasks - what contracts are normally used and how is dispute resolution performed (the contract may - and probably will - have the likes of adjudication or arbitration clauses) and who does the Army (and I suppose the other arms) turn to when these kinds of dispute need a form of resolution?

Like I said, just a nosey bugger asking a question, so no obligation to answer it and no reward save for a 'Thank You'.



I would imagine, like every ex/serving squaddie, that they could come on here and receive all the free legal advice they can eat from our in house 'barrack' room lawyers.

Just dial 0800 BARRACK ROOM LAWYER or e mail us on IcansolveanylegalproblemBecauseI'

Remember...where's there's blame....there's a claim. Maybe.
You'd be better off posting in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' or the G4 forums as the majority of contracts are overseen from Whitehall.
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