Alright lads...

Discussion in 'RAC' started by JacobTodd, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. For a start, only members of the Royal Tank Regiment are "tankies", you are going to be a "donkey walloper"
  2. I do hope Jacob Todd isn't your real name.
  3. In WW2 after D-Day, 'heads up' inevitably meant you got it drilled by a sniper, messily removed by an AP round or converted into a colander by an airburst. The alternative however was failing to spot Wittmann in that enormous Tiger cunningly camouflaged just 50 yards away or the sneaky chap about to spray you all with molten metal via a panzerfaust. But cheer up prospective Trooper Todd, I expect you'll spend most of your service polishing your Challenger II prior to it being mothballed in the next round of defense cuts. And hands off our black beret, it's OURS
  4. Tanks.............. shit magnets the lot of em
  5. Fun if it is!
    But this is a serious thread about a young man wanting to get his leg on the first ladder into a tank.
  6. Is this the same outfit that used to be The Royal Scotts Dragoon Guards? Because if it is then I suggest you don't forget the Scotts bit.

    They have this unusual "battle honour" in that they made it to the top of the pop charts by playing Amazing Grace with bagpipes (and other instruments perhaps). It would help if you know this and show an interest in learning how to play the pipes, because their tanks don't come with a CD player and the crews appriciate some light entertainment...
  7. Never before in the field of internet posting, has so much shite been posted, by so few, and disregarded as waffle by so many.
  8. No it isn't!

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  9. The Scots Greys. as they were then, left us with a super pack of hounds and some acceptable mounts (so I'm told, horses are evil bastards) but tanks in shit condition
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    "What? They give the troopers ladders to get on their tanks these days? What is the world coming to? Why don't they grab the barrel, swing their feet onto the glacis plate and walk up it, then duck when some gunnery bod shouts, 'Hoy, Kelly's ******* Heroes, don't swing on the barrel, you'll knacker the trunnions, twaaaaaaaaaaaat,' like we used to do?

    Or are they all so unfit they need a ladder like this old fart who creaks when he gets out of a chair?" said the old twat who once liberated a six-foot ladder from a West German farmyard so that he and his driver could get into the XPM bin on the back of their 4'9" high Rebro Ferret to unload the four-man Chieftain bivvy, folding chairs and coffee table without breaking sweat.

    Is the outrage bus not back from collecting the nurses from Rinteln yet?
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  11. Didn't even know what Sqn I was going in,let alone call sign when I pitched up.Good luck anyway,I fear you are joining a branch of Army,(RAC),that will shortly disappear up it's own gun crutch.
  12. To OP.

    If you like guns, big diesel engines, fingerprint butties, deafness and doing Romel impressions you'll love it. Seriously there is nothing better than riding a panzer.