Alright Janner! Ow's yer daughter-sister woife?

Looking at them, I am surprised they are the only ones in the family being incestuous.
Surely in this politically correct world we shouldn't be so quick to judge, before Monopoly was invented incest was a fun game for all the family

And evidently it still is in parts of Cornwall
'Kin 'Ell.

Here's the horror in less blurred glory:-

That's the law in France, but not here in the UK, so perhaps they should have gone to Roscoff on the ferry and done it there...
Given that they are consenting adults and living in a county that seeks independence from the rest of the UK, was it really in the public interest to prosecute this pair?

At least they wouldn't have contaminated the wider gene pool with their familial fumbling and fornicating.

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