Alright alright Ill come clean

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HB70, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. It was a wind up.

    To cut a long story short the person (whose name you 'cleverly' worked out from the username HB70 and the email addy is a moderator on a cricket forum.

    He banned me and a few others for flooding his forum with pictures of cocks and other random shit and slagging cricket off.

    By all accounts he is actually quite a nice bloke even though he likes cricket, a sport so boring its unbelievable. Think he has a bit of a heart condition too so don't go to his signal box to batter him ffs.

    I ought to get out more really but Lighting the blue touchpaper and retiring can be so much fun some times ;-)

    So PLEASE...don't think he had anything to do with this!!

    Poor fucker. I feel a bit sorry for him now.

    I think his 'pylon' forum is genuine though. :lol:

    ps...I was in the REME for 6 years (but don't hold that against me) so I know what annoys Squaddies

    Stag on peeps
  2. wow I can sleep easy now
  3. So you get banned from one forum for being an annoying cnut....then come to this one to be just as annoying?? Your life must be so fulfilling!. Cnut! :roll:
  4. ban this cnut please....
  5. Well I never who'da thunk it.


    Seen better but well researched, you should have allowed it to go through to it's natural conclusion though, Harrasing some poor old railway worker, phone calls at 3am telling him 2 Para are going to come and eat his yorkshire terrier.

    Daily Mail article, public outcry, suicide...that would have got you a 9.5
  6. Come on its gotta be worth more than 6.5
  7. Ok but only because there are mongs still raging on the other threads as we type and there's nothing on the telly.

  8. Seriously.

    wtf do they put in the compo these days?

    I've never known a group of people get so stressed out over a bit of trolling :twisted:
  9. Bet evenings at your place fly by..
  10. What's the cricket forum you went on ??

    Please provide the link !
  11. Ah I dunno

    think it was or something

    you cant register a username on there anymore.

    thanks to me


  12. Hang the thick wee bastard and shag his missus and maybe retire to do his dead granny lads,
  13. I wish someone would.

    It would save me the job of doing it.
  14. Yeah.

    sorry about that.

    Bloody hell you ought to get out more if you remember that. ;-)