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  1. Does anybody have any experience of any of their stuff? They seem to get fairly good reviews and are turbo cheap. Never seen any of their stuff first hand though.

    Edited to add link: ALPKIT
  2. I've got their version of a thermarest and it hasn't failed me yet. Uber cheap compared as well.
  3. Aye, It's their rollmat thermarest thingy and sleeping bags I'm looking at, lightweight warmers jacket looks alright too.
  4. kit i have bought is well made and well thought out. Run by enthusiastic people with great customer service . Their waterproof day sacs are the nuts. i have a black 20 litre version, amazing value at around £17 delivered! haven't seen their doss bag but i have one of thier filo jackets and its been great.
  5. Cheers, worth a punt I reckon, one Filo jacket and thermarest knock-off inbound.
  6. Monty I bought the ladies down jacket and a few t-shirts off there last year. My bro got a thermarest copy and a down sleeping bag. Incredible value and good bits of kit - get stuck in!! :D
  7. I've got one of the thermarests and one of the head torches, both most excelllent
  8. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just looked at the site.

    I want everything.

    I also feel absolutely dicked because their Airlock dry bags start at £3.50 when I've just spent a fortune on Ortliebs.

    Anyway big order inbound methinks.
  9. Got their Airic air mattress about five years ago - still going strong.

    Some fecker nicked my Gourdon rolltop drybag / rucksack thing last year - just ordered another one.

    Looking at their down bags, seem too good to be true were it any other manufacturer, but I'm going for one soon as my Bounty arrives!

    All prices include p&p BTW.