Alpinestars Track Vest

Hey up

Looking for a new back protector, had mine 9 years now.

I currently wear a Knox back protector with a Knox Chest protector, which although comfy is a bit bulky.

Was looking at the Alpinestars Track Vest, which is claimed is also suitable for road use, it has a back protector, chest and abdomen protection (the back protector being a level 2 one). It looks slimmer and is a one piece vest rather than the 2 piece i use at present.

Has anyone worn one, and if so any feedback on it?

Cheers for any advice.
I dont use such things (I tend to wear jackets with built in back protection) but my assumption would be that if it is made for the track it will be more thn adequate for road use (the proviso being that you are riding a sport-bike on the road as the design may be best suited to a "scrunched up" riding position and not so comfortable when riding a different style of bike).

Alpinestars have a good reputation for quality kit but there are far more of these type of things on the market these days than previously so probably worth doing some online comparison shopping.
Went and bought one, very comfy on the bike, fits under jacket nice, not as bulky as my old Knox chest protector. back protector is lv2, the chest,abs and side protection is a rubber type material that stiffens if i hit it so seems ok, also looks unobstusive when i take the jacket off and nowhere near as fiddly to put on as my old Knox chest and back protector.

Gives more covearge than my Knox chest protector. 2/51 i have had a few friends come off and suffer broken/cracked ribs, so i feel more comfortable having something to protect that area.....................bit of a wuss i suppose.

Thanks for the replies
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