Alpine Ski Instructor....


I sympathise with your plight. I too find myself looking for new trips each year. Its a tough job being a ski instructor, sorry snowsports instructor, but those of us brave enough to stand up and do it should be recognised.

You may have more luck, as I now do, if you get BASI qualified. The course isn't that hard really, although expensive, but you do have to be able to ski properly and be able to explain it articulately. Unlike, I might add, some of the adrenaline type muppets looking for free ski-ing I met on the JSSI(A) course.

Still if you hear of anything going, give us a shout.

Ski heil
Luck sod's. Wish i could get courses like that.
Course I was on was 50% UOTC cadets all getting qual'd for an exped to New Zealand.

...That's why you can't get on the course...
I take it there IS a seperate Alpine Army instructors course then? During a chat with my new OC she seemed pretty keen to get me on it, although I was under the impression that it was a combined course with touring as well.

Reason being, when on Winter Warrior we couldn't do the touring section as, apparently, the avalanche risk was too great, so we spent two weeks doing Alpine (it's a hard life ;) ) - after which a few of us recieved our Advanced.

I've obviously been skiing independently since, and really fancy doing the Army Instructors course as a stepping stone to BASI - which I assume is far harder!

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