'Alpha' courses to restore Labour faith

Weird, just weird. Politics as a "religous experience"

I am not a number.
Or Tainted Cool-Aid in a big old steel vat? :twisted:
I wonder when the little red book will appear..?
...'Thoughts of the Beloved Leader, President for Life, Idi... (No, sorry; same mania, though) Tony B. Liar.'
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
If the cultural revolution starts again by the wishes of the Glorious Leader, guess what site will be first against the wall?

PS Did you you see him in Athens on the opening ceremony? Cnut :evil:
I always thought Tony BLiar saw himself as God. Perhaps next he'll declare himself Emperor Tony, declare like th Roman Emperors that he is a God and then fiddle while England burns (N.B. while the fire strike is on and the squaddies are running round in their Green Godesses trying to put them out) in order to blame the pesky Conservatives.

Don't laugh, it happened with Nero, he was just as barking mad and delusional and it's not as if BLiar has had an original thought since te day he hung up his guitar as a student and (sadly) gave up his aspirations to be a pop star!
Bliar is on very dodgy ground, and this is not just wishful thinking. He will be out in the next 12 months, one way or another, whether he loses or wins the election. Iraq is fast going down the toilet and it is starting to resemble a very fine dictatorship, where TV channels are shut down (although this must be applauded on the grounds of taste and bias!) and journos are herded out of town for "their own protection" and, meanwhile, the idiot is inviting the Iraqi PM (watch his reputation plummet in the liberal press) to the Labour party conference! There was an article today in the press about the left wing of his party adding a leadership debate on Iraq to the conference agenda. Also, Lord Butler may well be speaking in a Lords debate in September, reigniting the whole Iraq/WMD/intel issue!

The Labour Party have a membership of 190,000, less than half of the post-1997 peak, according to a "Save the Labour Party" person. They will be unable to campaign effectively in the next general election and are losing by-elections and seeing majorities slashed in supposedly rock-solid seats - Hodge Hill was only retained because of the Respect candidate and a Lib Dem candidate with dodgy (or at least portrayed as such) mobile phone mast connections! Can anyone see Bliar on the campaign trail? No, he will be too afraid of bricks and tomatoes being thrown at him, or a terrorist attack. He will have more security than George Dubya in London and think how that will play in the press! According to the New Statesman (admittedly Brownite) some 50-odd MPs are prepared to put their names to a leadership challenge.

I believe that Labour will win the next election, but with a majority slashed by so much (for the reasons described above) that Bliar will be seen as having lost his mandate. This will be compounded by the fact that the Blairites will suffer most and will be jobless, leaving more of the hard core Labourites. Whether this is a good or bad thing is debatable (mostly bad) but it will be a price worth paying to see this piece of slime kicked out by his own party, either pre- or post-election! :twisted:
Agreed, the twat has to go and pronto. Not that Brown would be any better. He's just a moody cnut.

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