Alonso does one

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Fugly, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    ..and bloody good riddance as well, the moaning dago turd.

    Hopefully whoever partners Lewis next year will be less of a whining drip and just get on with racing. Meanwhile, the now ex-world champion can flounder around mid-table, while causing less of a stink.

    Edit to correct spaz-fingered title
  2. Hopefully McLaren wil also divest themselves of those within their pit crew who were siding with Alonso.
  3. Glad to hear the whinging git has gone. Thought he had a drive with the Pro-Drive team? Or has that now gone awry, especially as they will be using MacLaren technology and products. Maclaren could do with a decent partner for Hamilton, personally I'd like to see Robert Kubica in the team.
  4. Thank Fcuk, I hate that moaning chicken in a basket Cnut.
  5. I think Hamilton and Kovaleinen would make a good team.
  6. About bl00dy time - snivelling little sh1t
  7. Hamilton and Button would do it for me!
  8. Button is quite sodding useless...Well either that or the car's permanantly buggered.
  9. In a good car, I think he could shine. And two British drivers, in a British team would be good!
  10. Would be the team to beat,IMHO :)

    RR69,it's the car that's ferking useless,given a decent weapon to drive Jenson is as slick as whale shit on an iceflow :lol: and as ballsy as Hamilton when overtaking :wink:
  11. Sorry, I just realised what I typed had little meaning with what I wanted to type. Apologies - Button's okay but I don't know unless I see him get a good few races under his belt.
  12. The McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Young Driver Support Programme was set up in 1998, in order to provide a structured environment for nurturing and developing future driver talent.
    Ron Dennis, Chairman and CEO of the McLaren Group commented: “I have always believed that companies such as McLaren have an important role to play in nurturing future generations of Grand Prix drivers. The fact that we have now provided 18 young drivers with the same opportunity as a result of this award is incredibly pleasing.”

    and who was the 1998 winner.....
    .....Jensen Button

    so Mclaren have already invested in him. Get him in the team with Hamilton and lets give johnny foreigner a good shoeing.
  13. Says it all really.

    my "bold"
  14. His big complaint was that he never got the preferential treatment he "deserved"

    Anyway, in return for taking a walk (with all the dosh no doubt) he is said to have signed a agreement preventing him from racing for any "direct rivals" for next season.

    Good question what a "direct rival to McLaren" actually means since they were stripped of all 2007 Constructors points for that little bit of espionage.

    Said by some that Toyota have offered him a boatload as part of a bidding war
  15. I think Alonso should just fcuk off to america and drive champ cars or something.

    Stroppy little cnut.