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Hi everyone,

My name is Abiee Lundberg am new to the site and wondering if you can all help me, I am from a military background, my dad and my older brother were both in the army, unfortunately my older brother Craig Lundberg was seriously injured and is now blind for life after getting hit with 2 RPGs.

Many charity’s helped my brother get back on his feet such as help for heroes and ST Dunstan’s to name a few as well as helping us as a family, this is where you lot come in, I understand that this forum gets inundated daily with requests for sponsorship, but I really want to give something back to all those who helped the Lundberg family.

Along with ex-marine Andy Grant who lost his leg we have set up our own charity called Alms in Alms @AlmsinAlms also check out Andy Grant Motivation we are currently in the process of planning a walk from Liverpool to Birmingham where I spent a good six months whilst Craig was in hospital there, as well as a great night in Liverpool Hilton hotel all in Aid of help for heroes, but mainly what we are looking for right now is to get our name known as we are wanting to fundraise for plenty of other charity’s help for heroes is just our first starting point.

If you could all give us a follow on twitter or search us on facebook and help promote our name I would be eternally grateful

I look foreword to hearing from all off you

Abiee Lundberg



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