Almost worthy of Parliament.

You think your guys draft some daft laws.

Striking a blow against crime in Washington.

Apparently Washington State's had some 120 bank robberies this year. The FBI, sleuth-hounds that they are, have determined that there is a strange correlation: Most people who rob banks appear to attempt to obscure their identities with the aid of hats, shades, hoodies, that sort of thing.

The elegantly simple solution they propose is, yes, you guessed it, to make it illegal to wear a hat, shades, hoodie, that sort of thing, in a bank.

Brilliant! Why didn't anyone think of this before?

As a result of this, doubtless fearing the fine which would result, bank robbers will no longer wear hats, shades, hoodies, that sort of thing, and thus be easier to identify. Or they will be scared of identification as a result of their compliance with the law, and not rob banks in the first place.

Many banks already ask customers to remove hats and sunglasses before approaching tellers, but customers often do not comply or bank employees do not enforce the policy, said Carr and officials at local banks. If it's a law, banks will have to enforce it, Carr said.
"Excuse me, sir, I need to ask you to remove your shades"
"Ask away. I have a gun. Give me the money"

Jeremy Stewart, 28 -- nicknamed the "Nomad Bandit" because he hit banks across the state -- told agents after his arrest last year that he knew the cameras would never be able to show his face when he wore a baseball hat, Carr said
Not that I'm an expert in security or anything but...
MOVE THE BLOODY CAMERAS! I don't know.. maybe somewhere a bit lower? Desk height, maybe?

"I need to go to the bank. Sadly, my prescription shades will probhibit my entering. Maybe if I hand them this note from the doctor?"

I despair.

Good grief, it could almost have come out of Brussels. They'll be banning squint bananas next.

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