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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stevie_The_pioneer, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. my self and a few other recruits are now coming to the end of our basic training attending weekend 7 this weekend
    and a fit to attend medical on tue for going to catterick week beginign 6th may
    the question i have stupid though it may be is
    what is involved in the fit to attend medical i have hear two versions

    1. it is identical to your entry medical
    2. it is identical but will include things such as jerry can lifts and amo box lifts to asses our general state of fitness not just health

    not a big issue just wondering if anyone who been there can advise me as to what to expect

  2. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Last fit to attend course medical I had went something like this:

    Pob " Hello Doc I am here for my medical"
    Doc " What the feck you doing here I told them not to bother"
    Pob" Umm but I am here now . . . "
    Doc" FFS, right ok then. Are you fit ? On any medication"
    Pob " err Yes, and umm No"

    Doc " here is your chit now feck of, and tell your PSI not send people again, just get the names and I'll send paperwork to your TAC"

    Well I was glad I wasted a drill night on a trip across London for that. You'd think by now I shouildn't be surprised.
  3. My fit for course medical was the same as my medical on joining. hope that helps a little.
  4. Yeah my last FTA medical, to attend a jumps course, was pretty much the same. It consisted of me jumping up and down on the spot, turning my head from side to side and touching my toes......I think that was more for the Docs entertainment than anything else!

    Oh, and the usual "Are you generally fit? Are you on drugs? How much do you drink/smoke/weigh?" etc
  5. Pob's real Medical

  6. :lol: That's almost identical to my entry medical! Does your Doc ever visit Dorset?
  7. Mine too, he even crossed off problems I told the medic about, that I am claiming for through the Royal British Legion!!!
  8. Stevie

    The med check is nothing special mate - same as the TA entry medical from memory.

    Good luck at Catterick!! A hard two weeks and a demanding Field Exercise, but it gets you really wound up ready for P Coy.

  9. Spenny

    A bit quick of the mark there, our beloved StP isnt going for P Coy in fact that gasp and dull thump you heard was him fainting at the thought!

  10. haha - nice one!!

    Whats the script then Ricky - aint he 15 Coy?
  11. no i anint i am in 6th scots c coy infantry

    heading to catterick may
    and if you knew me you would know why i would faint at the thought
    your beloved ricky is my pti up at redford barracks

    and im not the fittest of chaps but a tryer

  12. Well your in good hands.

    Tip from the top though (after reading a couple of your previous postings) - Stop being so negative about your fitness - just work harder in your own time and when your on exercise, show the PTI how determined you are and keep any negative thoughts at the back of your head. Focus on the task ahead and no matter what, dont stop until its done -even if you have to crawl over the fckn finish line!!!

  13. as ricky will tell you no doubt i have never pulled out of an event or exersise yet no matter how long it takes me or what condition i am in i will always get to the end
    and my fitness is gradualy improving

    i know it is something to be worked on and something to be improved upon but hey thats why im here
    and admitedly yeah ricky is good
    he taking us for our first cft this weekend after we come back from the field

    so am looking forward to it
    and i aint stopping till i either finish fall or am told to stop

  14. Good skills mate. When on the CFT try and get to the front of the pack - this stops you slowing down and then running to catch up again as people inevitably drop further back and out. Tuck in a metre or two behind the DS and just stick to him like glue.

    Remember its only 4 miles at a steady pace - sheer determination will get you through most of that!!!

    Good luck!!

    ps: Be gentle with them Ricky!!! haha
  15. yeah but ricky is one of those over zelous types he got a habbit of trying to run the whole distance
    but hey ho will slugg it out as you say only 4 miles and wont be that difficult
    sheer determination