Almost riot in Portsmouth/ Dunkirk type rescue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Last night thousands of people who had managed to get the Caen to Portsmouth ferry were threatened with arrest, because the Borders agency could not cope scanning all their passports, In the end the police told the people to just show their UK passports by holding them above their heads. The poor sods then had missed all their trains.
    Historian Dan Snow is helping in organising a Dunkirk type rescue of all the people stranded in Calais, as there is not enough room for all these people on cross channel ferries, but will the Borders agency allow them entry to the UK, this is making a mockery of Biometric Pasports and government immigration policy
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It does show, when things go to poo or the electronic wizardry that we all come to expect to ease our lives, fails, there has to be a fall back plan.

    There simply hasn't been one in evidence here
  3. I doubt we have the merchant marine available for such an audacious task, not to mention a Navy.

  4. Do you have any link to the story Tropper? (Unless it's in the Sun which the company firewall blocks). I'm curious as to why the Border agency couldn't cope with the volume - I thought that the 'biometric' passports would speed up the process.
  5. I'm really glad to see that Dunkirk spirit kicking in!

    Telegraph says that passport details have to be submitted online in order to satisfy border requirements - looks as if someone has managed to take a pragmatic decision. Just hope he won't be done for indirect racism, as I doubt this would be able to handle visa checks.
  6. Such sweet innocence.

    Why haven't the local pleasure boats been cashing in on this opportunity? No spirit of enterprise any more.
  7. Twitter good for something?

  8. The RN could help but I suspect it's a non-starter. Even if the ships were available, the Defence budget is strapped for cash and couldn't afford the berthing fees in continental ports. Even if stranded passengers wade out from the beaches, as at Dunkirk, there are fuel costs to consider. Then there are the Health & Safety aspects. Blood chits aren't worth the paper they're written on with certain ambulance-chasing lawyers around. Imagine the consequences if someone caught a chill after paddling in the water. That's before all the border control and customs issues are taken into account.

    Oh, hell. Let's just do it! :x
  9. Apparently later today Brown is to issue an appeal to owners of private fishing boats and pleasure cruisers on the South Coast to meet with RN support at yet to be specified locations . They will then embark on Operation Dynamo ( The Sequel ) to rescue all of the stranded Brits from the continent of Europe . What a vote winner !

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  10. Maybe sweet innocence, buit I haven't been back to the UK for over 6 years. I thopught the induction loop on the new passports could be read quicker and more easily to verify identity.
  11. Stand by for a fresh influx of illegal immigrants then trying to jump onboard the boats...

    "Oh yesh mishter Englandman.. me lost passport over side of boat.. me no jump in watttter !! too cold !! ... now where is my 5 bed house, new car and kkkk's of benefits ?? Hmm ?"

    Or is that just me being cynical again... ??
  12. The issue was probably not with the time to check each passport (by now all will be either machine readable or chipped), but with the number of scanners available. The number of wired up desks would only cover normal passenger levels, and I'm not sure where we are for hand-held units to read the chips.

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  13. Thanks vampangua - clear now.
  14. So what's wrong with making everyone wait in line and get their passports scanned - even if it does take extra time? Border Agency - man up! Civilians - you can't have it both ways - secure borders or a free for all...?
  15. I must admit, that's what I thought. I might chunter a bit if there was a long queue, but FFS - a volcano has erupted and closed down airspace. I think I can cope with a bit of inconvenience after such an unusual occurrance.