Almost put this in Current Affairs, but thought naaaaaaaah..

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Jul 13, 2004.

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  1. I'm probably worth in the minus figures I'm afraid.
  2. When you are a big boy - come and see me and the Angels. In the mean time - more serious contenders please.

    Those lucky lucky girls.............
  3. Whats this ? Consenting hetrosexuel adults having sex ,shock,horror :twisted: It never happend in my day the WRAC Ripon Bks P** C****** still there?

    edited no names..C_C
  4. WARNING It will only be a matter of time before Doris/BB/Psychohosebeast gets on her high horse and tries to hijack this thread like she did on the other one regarding Capt Crumpet

    MODS Watch and Shoot...Watch and Shoot!

    Great story to feck your career/marriage/name of your regiment in 30 secs (thst doing it twice with a fag afterwards :oops: )and all for the sake of a quick grubby 3/10 jump :wink:

    Did the other birds stand by with scorecards marking them on technique, tenderness, ability to make ARRSE go like a sewing machine. :wink:
  5. 5 points for a cpl

    10 points for a sgt

    They could have aimed a bit higher :wink:
  6. God I've led a sheltered life :(
  7. How many points for a Medic? :wink:
  8. - 5 and a beasting :wink: :wink: :wink:
  9. Hmmm medic, i would say bout 50 for you dahling. (if ya worth it that is)
  10. Depends on the range and whether they're a moving target or not :wink:
  11. Sounds like they are taking all the fun out of life, Independant assessors etc :twisted:
  12. even with the stars i remember her from HQUKLF , scary scary bird !!!

    my ex missus was a WRAC and she was petrified of being "indoctrinated" by the bean flicker squad!!
  13. i must be 10 Points then +10 for being a PO and -5 for being a medic but +5 bonus points for being a biker

  14. I'd give you 1 :)