Almost met a Transvestite...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bossdog, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. I'll post this cos I'm game for a laugh and It'll serve me right.....

    Picture this. You getting chatting to a chick in the Arrse chatroom. They are new to the arewa you live in and a long way from home. You decide to do the decent thing and show them the sights. You PM and then swap Yahoo details. Then the conversation begins: (Identity of other party changed)

    lucy : hi
    Bossdog: hey there
    Bossdog: havent used yahoo in years
    lucy: hi darling
    lucy: yes got a bit boring when they banned all the kinky chat rooms
    Bossdog: F
    Bossdog: didnt it !!!
    Bossdog: So where did u move to Belfast from?
    lucy: plymouth
    Bossdog: you must feel awfully lonely in Belfast then?
    Bossdog: are you originally from England?
    lucy: yes, just me in my little flat with noone to talk to (sigh)
    Bossdog: I'm english too
    Bossdog: obviously i moved here with work but have my own house
    lucy: holywood is quite near to belfast?
    Bossdog: 3 miles away
    Bossdog: on the road to Bangor
    lucy: want to meet up?
    Bossdog: yeah sure
    Bossdog: Its shite being somewhere and not knowing anybody
    Bossdog: i know how you must feel
    lucy: would be nice to meet a brit guy
    lucy: do u want to meet your place or mine
    **I click the profile picture.Picture of a bloke dressed like a girl comes up**
    Bossdog: hang on a minute...r u a bloke?
    lucy: not really
    Bossdog: thats like a yes or no answer?
    lucy: yes
    Bossdog: sorry mate. I'm a straight guy. I thought you were a chick. No offence like.
    lucy: i suck likea girl
    Bossdog: I'm sorry dude but im gonna pretend you didnt say that and wish you well. N o offence but im totally straight ok.

  2. *appaluds*

    That was hugely, hugely entertaining!
  3. You should`ve cut and pasted the profile pic onto here...very amusing tale though :D
  4. Boss have you been chatting up Gunnys chick?

    Aww look what you missed out on?

    She has legs!
  5. Haha. Play with fire!!!
  6. Think maybe you shouldn't have said the arrse chat then might have hidden your target a bit better ;)
  7. I just wont name names. :wink:
  8. You should get out more often!
  9. Guaranteed blow job and you couldn't be bothered?

    Apparently Boss shes a taker, you could have flipped her spindly legs over her shoulders and slipped it in!!

    Those aren't child bearing hips, so steady eh!! Wouldnt wanna hear that pelvis snap when your flinging one up it!!

    Admit it, you were knocking one out over her weren't you?
  10. Did you find out if she swallows?

    Bet she can suck start a Chally! Get her number Boss, you might need it when desperation sets in.

    Make sure she shaves first, stumble rash is a biatch!
  11. [Bossdog] 11:04 pm: nah ill just get a BJ

    Best make sure she swallows and doesnt want you to return the favour Boss, practice swallowing mate! You might have to...
  12. Yeah you dont want him/her snowballing you that would be even worse 8O
  13. [Bossdog] 11:11 pm: MINXY: delete that last post
    [mereminx] 11:11 pm: No
    [Bossdog] 11:11 pm: its out of context
    [mereminx] 11:11 pm: I know
    [Bossdog] 11:11 pm: grrr
  14. [Bossdog] 10:40 pm: would be ok if it was the full op :D
  15. [mereminx] 11:03 pm: So you are not going to shag it then Boss, is that what you are saying?
    [Lynxtips] 11:03 pm: he is minxy he just doesnt want us to know it :)
    [Bossdog] 11:03 pm: no comments from dale either im shocked :p
    [signet] 11:04 pm: give it time Boss
    [Bossdog] 11:04 pm: nah ill just get a BJ

    Was the context Boss but I really didnt want to embarrass you!!

    I would avoid snowballing if I were you!

    P.s Gotta love the room log! :D