Almost Hell in a Handbasket??

Just caught a bit of it on the " aren't some people nuts ?" segment on the local radio news..

some chap in Durham[??] England waltzed into a Cop Shop with a Supermarket Buggy and pulled a live WWII artillery shell from his baggie??

Sent the local constabulary diving under the desks and the UXB boys had to come and have fun in a field outside town..

Seems the ' spokeperson ' for the police suggested that others with similar items contact police first rather than take it upon themselves to trundle vintage ordinance through the town square..

Good and Sage Advice.. That man!!

Candidate for Darwin award, surely...
Sadly, as he's not removed himself from the gene pool, he doesn't even qualify for the Darwin awards, Rocketeer.

Now if he'd managed to set the shell off, either a)killing himself or b) removing certain vital bits of his anatomy, then he'd be open for nomination...
I wonder how long he's been pushing that supermarket buggy around town with the shell in the baggie?

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